Storyboard Week - Day 2 - Establishing Shot

Storyboard week
continues with the start of a panel-by-panel, page-by-page look at the choices and thought process behind the drawing of this sequence from "The Mighty B!"

The video window looks small, but if you click on the full-screen button while it's playing (at the bottom right of the video), it'll look nice and big!

I've received a ton of great questions already, and I want to make sure you know that I'll be answering every one of them as this series continues. Today's video doesn't get further than the first panel, but that's only because the topic of the establishing shot is so important.

Next storyboarding commentary video:

Please ask any and all questions about the video -- or storyboarding in general -- in the comments section below. Thanks ^_^ -- Sherm

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