Hi everyone...

Hope you all are doing good.... I wish we had morning like the picture above, but its raining badly here and its Monday, which is not a great combination.
Anyways, last week was special for me, because I celebrated my marriage anniversary ( and it feels great to be married to a nice man (same man for 8 years), which can be boring but thats OK...the gifts made up for the boring'ness'!! Jokes apart, I am thankful to God, for blessing me with everything that I have.

On make-up and Cosmetics front, I have been busy with my trips to ULTA. I had a couple of $5 off coupons, so picked a few drugstore goodies. Just basic, not exceeding above 15 bucks. Lately I am no hauling much make-up.
I don't know, I am just getting over-whelmed with the amount of make-up I have and so much of it is just left unused. Sometimes I feel loads of money is stuck in them...I better buy somethings that I could use more often (watches, bags, shoes). I lack in those departments.

Also started with the Pigment series and Tool Talk on this blog, where you will see a little post about one pigment every Friday and some Tool discussions. I hope you guys like them.

Rambling at its best...I know! You guys have a great week ahead...


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