The Start of Storyboard Week

Storyboard drawing from The Mighty B
Here’s a storyboard sequence I drew
for the “Apprentice” episode from
the first season of The Mighty B!
Mighty B Storyboard Panel Bessie Higgenbottom Since it can be a hassle to open up all these individual pages, I also made them into a sweet slideshow player that you can view full-screen.

Here’s that groovy slideshow player, but…

…This dinky player isn’t big enough to see the storyboards clearly. If you click on the button in the lower right hand corner of the slideshow, it will open up a full-screen window that displays the pages nice and BIG!

(note the Play/Pause button and directional arrows at the bottom of the player…those’ll help you go thru them at your own pace)

The full-sized pages are also linked below if you want to peruse them at your leisure ^_^
Mighty-B_Storyboard001 Mighty-B_Storyboard002 Mighty-B_Storyboard003 Mighty-B_Storyboard004 Mighty-B_Storyboard005 Mighty-B_Storyboard006
In this episode, Mary-Frances (Portia’s mom) is under pressure to sell tons of her “Mary Kay” type of cosmetics. She decides to put her daughter’s scout troop to work for her so she can make her sales quota. Bessie is so into it that Mary-Frances decides to take her on as an Apprentice!

Mighty-B_Storyboard007 Mighty-B_Storyboard008 Mighty-B_Storyboard009 Mighty-B_Storyboard010 Mighty-B_Storyboard011 Mighty-B_Storyboard012

Over the course of this week I’ll be using this storyboard sequence to talk about some of the key concepts about solid storyboarding.

Mighty-B_Storyboard013 Mighty-B_Storyboard014 Mighty-B_Storyboard015 Mighty-B_Storyboard016 Mighty-B_Storyboard017 Mighty-B_Storyboard018
Since I’m not starting the“commentary” on these storyboards until next time, please post any questions you may have in the comments below -- any question on the topic of storyboarding is welcome...that will help me make the rest of this week’s posts as informative as possible.

Mighty-B_Storyboard019 Mighty-B_Storyboard020 Mighty-B_Storyboard021 Mighty-B_Storyboard022 Mighty-B_Storyboard023 Mighty-B_Storyboard024 Mighty-B_Storyboard025 Mighty-B_Storyboard026 Mighty-B_Storyboard027  Mighty-B_Storyboard029
Coming up next: Storyboarding commentary begins with:

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