Naked Guy Eating an Apple, Testing out Tombows and Other Red Felt Pen Doodles

These are all from the same sheet of letter-sized copy paper...
and here it is...

Thousands Can Draw Cartoons Who Have Never Even Tried -- Vintage "How to Draw Cartoons" Ad

Thousands Can Draw Cartoons Who Have Never Even Tried

"Why work at drudgery when through a remarkable new method you can easily learn at home in spare time to draw cartoons that sell?"
"Many are earning pitifully small salaries who could make wonderful salaries in cartooning."

This is my favorite part:

"Just watch a cartoonist work. A few little lines -- a couple of simple curves --a splash of black here and there -- and then you see a splendid cartoon before you."

Ad ripped from Popular Mechanics via Google Books.

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Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Blue - New Screenshots and Info

Screenshots show Arianrhod, the seventh Angis in Ouroboros. Arianrhod is a martial arts expert and known for showing no mercy on the battlefield. She thinks of Lloyd, the main character in the Trails series following Trails in the Sky, as a formidable foe. Screenshots show Arianrhod using Saint Technique Grand Cross, which captures her enemies in a massive tornado. Arianrhod also carries a massive spear in her hand, which she used to slay countless enemies. The game comes out for the PSP on September 29th in Japan.

[Syangrila] Akatsuki no Goei -Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron- (JAP)
meh meh meh =_=

another request,
this one is the sequel of Akatsuki no Goei.. yep the sequel... not the fandisk...

but well... it still have hanging ending... sucks...

Japanese Title: 暁の護衛~罪深き終末論~ 初回限定版
Romaji: Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~
Released Date: 2010/04/22
Length: Long (50-ish)
Developer: Syangrila


A helicopter flies in the sky and the camera shoots the place. One and only debt of the country, "forbidden area".
It is the last resort where the people who aren't recognized as human beings gather. However, the police surrounds the area and it is time to raid in to arrest them...
This means the end of ordinary life for Kaito and his friends...

/ CG Sample
the selling point of this game is that blood... great


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Update to 1.02
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ask Kai or someone else if you want some review and things ...


Final Fantasy Type 0 - New Commercial Video

11 minutes of Super Mario 3DS Gameplay

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming To NA In January 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch in Japan in December this year. A press release detailing Square Enix’s Comic-Con lineup issued today reveals it will launch in January 2012 for North America. No word on a European date yet.

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cartoon wallpaper funny,cartoon wallpaper 2011,Cartoon wallpaper hd,Cartoon wallpaper desktop

cartoon wallpaper 2011

cartoon wallpaper 2011,Cartoon wallpaper hd,Cartoon wallpaper desktop

Cartoon wallpaper hd

Cartoon wallpaper hd,Cartoon wallpaper desktop

Awesome Final Fantasy VII Rap Music Videos

You can buy the album or the individual songs from the link below

Sony - We're Testing 3D Virtual Reality Games

The forgotten fad of virtual reality gaming may be set for a surprise revival, with Sony confirming to Develop that it is experimenting on the technology within its studios.

Mick Hocking, senior director at Sony Worldwide Studios, said that a prototype device used to test virtual reality also displays high-end 3D.

"We've got a new head mounted display [in development] that we showed at Consumer Electronics Show," Hocking said in a newly published interview with Develop.

He said the prototype device (pictured below) has twin-OLED screens - one for each eye - to eliminate information crossover issues.

Now further developments have led Sony to incorporate head-tracking into the device, paving the way for a virtual reality experience.

The tech is being experimented on with a number of games including first-person shooters, but there appears to be no solid product launch plans for now.

"At the moment it's just a head-mounted display; the head isn't being tracked - but that's something we're doing R&D on," Hocking said.

"I have to say, what we've done in the R&D projects has just been fantastic. We're working with a couple of games at Sony that are experimenting with virtual reality type experiences."

"He Called Me a WASTER" - Vintage Comic Ad

 "He Called Me a Waster…but took it all back afterward."
Vintage comic advertisement for Morton's Salt
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