BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer

This is one of those products that I used as sample and fell absolutely in love it! I got in full size!!

A silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter. Prime
your skin to pretty - go from dull to darling with "That Gal"! Wear alone for
clear complexion radiance or apply before makeup for a smooth, effortless
application. Plus you can use it to re-brighten throughout the day.

BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer

Benefit That Gal is a ‘brightening face primer’ . Its not the first time I am using/trying a new ‘brightening primer’. I am very much attracted to primers and tinted moisturizers as I don’t use foundation as a part of my ‘daily routine’. Foundations are restricted to evening parties and some special days. I just feel foundations are too heavy on my skin and I feel ‘too made up’ with foundation on…but that’s me…Personal preferance...

Ok, so back to primers…This is not a new product at all and its been in their line since ages……I believe??
Usually when we talk about brightening product, I have seen that majority of them end up leaving that white cast and an uneven, patchy, blotchy finish on my NC40 skin tone. I call myself NC40, but other day at MAC the artist said I was NC37 and NW30 for concealer. So confusing!!!
I always tend to sidetrack to some other topic…back to primer again..

BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer (mini)

That gal primer is a pinkish, light weight cream with a lovely smell. Its smells like something which I loved when I was a kid, but I don’t remember what it was’. All I can say is that it has a pleasant smell and I like it. Its not over powering or annoying at all.

The Glue Stick Packaging

This spreads easily and does not has that slippery silicone feel. It just feels like applying a moisturizer. It does not even feels like Urban Decay brightening primer, which is sticky initially and sets to a matte finish later. It is not like that cream to powder stuff aswell. Its pretty much like a moisturizer. Didn't make my face oily at all.
It did reduce the appearance of tiny pores I had and made my face even, bright and fresh. I guess it was due to the pink color, the appearance was pretty even. This obviously didn’t last long, but it did a good job of providing a non slippery, even base for tinted moisturizer. This does not provides any coverage, just creates a base.
Like any other primer, it did made my foundation stay put, nothing spectacular or special.

Pink color product

The packaging is weird. Its like glue stick. There is no way I can tell how much product is left in the tube.
It’s a $28 product and I think it’s a bit pricey. These days, with NARS Illuminator in market, many would prefer to use that, to get more glowy, bright effect. I don’t think it’s a logical comparison as both these products are totally different, but many would prefer that at $28, they should really see some difference...

The finish on spreading

I personally liked the product, because I am more into primers and moisturizers. I don’t mind if my scars or moles are seen. I just need that natural nice skin kind of look…if that makes any sense….
This may not be the best primer for keeping that foundation long lasting, but it does makes face appear ‘fresh’.

You can try this product in a sample size, from that $10 kit by Benefit and see if it works…for you. Like any other product this too is subjective. It worked for me, so I am all positive about it. I don’t promise it will work for you as it did for me...or might work too….Try and share your experience…

DISCLAIMER: This product is been purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company and no one is paying me to review it.

Felix and Cocky Rooster go to the Poultry Show

Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 12
Here’s part TWO of a 1938 Felix the Cat adventure by Otto Messmer. Felix has befriended a rooster named Cocky, and they’re on their way to Mexico to get in cockfighting racket!
 >>Click HERE if you missed Part ONE <<
^_^           ^_^         ^_^
Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 09
Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 10 Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 11 Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 12 Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 13 Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 14
Thinks start to heat up in the next chapter. Check back soon for Part THREE: Cockfight!

Animation Jobs @ Cartoon Network!

New job posting from the TAG Animation Guild Job Hotline:

Cartoon Network Studios is looking at portfolios for a new comedy series for the following positions:
  • Art Director
  • BG Paint (Digital)
  • Color Stylist
  • Model Clean-Up (Digital)
  • BG Design
Please drop off your portfolio at the studio during business hours, Monday-Friday 9 am-5:30 pm:
Cartoon Network Studios
300 N. Third St.
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 729-4000

It’s a FELIX Bonanza! 1930 Sunday Strips by Otto Messmer

Felix the cat by Otto Messmer - Felix in a hot air balloon with a shotgunTomorrow I’ll be posting more pages from a 1938 Felix the Cat comic story by Otto Messmer…but until then, feast your eyes on some 1930 Felix Sunday strips
on the
ComiCrazys blog!

Felix catches a fish - Felix the cat by Otto Messmer  
Every one of these drawing by Otto Messmer just boogles the mind and inspires the drawing muscles. The cartoony vivacity of his poses and expressions just can’t be beat!
Felix the cat turns on the heat by Otto Messmer
So go take a look at these Felix comics from 1930. There’s more great cartooning in these seven Sunday strips than in all of today’s newspapers combined.
Felix sits in the shade eating picnic lunch by Otto Messmer
Thanks to Chris Lopez at ComiCrazys for sharing these!
…and check back tomorrow for…
Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 11
“Felix and Cocky Rooster go to the Poultry Show”


This is a Hana Professional Flat Iron 1" sent to me by Misikko, for trying it out and reviewing it.
Misikko is a company, that sells "Professional flat iron" on their webiste

The whole package....isn't it cute??

They sent me a Flat iron, along with a Hana ShineShield Thermal Protectant, Silicon Thermal-Proof Heat Pad and Misikko Heat-Proof Pouch. They also sent some cute fake flowers for decoration.

The pink pouch and the pink flat Iron

I have used it 3 times and its working fine for my hair. I have to click few pictures before reviewing these with you all.

Heat Proof silicone mat and Iron

Now you will see tons of reviews on various beauty blogs for this product, as the company is marketing it and sending it to bloggers for consideration. There is no shady thing or scam.

The Box

I have not been paid to do a review. I consider myself a guinea pig, trying out something totally new and then reviewing it. Oh, the box above, it will make a good box to store hair accessories....

Misikko Heat-Proof Pouch

These are all the stuff the company sent. See this space back for a review on the iron and the shine serum/hair protectant.


Morning Lovelies...

Monday shines again....Without Sun...:(

This weather is so complicated....makes so many of us Sick...
So I am officially done with my shopping for MARCH...but you know, APRIL happens to be my Marriage Anniversary month...hahah...:) So More Shopping!!!!

I like the way everything is divided in my family...The first half of the year we see many B'days and Anniversaries...Come fall and we have Thanksgiving, Holiday sales and shoppings..Its celebration all around the year....

Ok, I got this Flat Iron sent by Misikko Company, for review purpose. I used it over the weekend and its nice, obviously with some pros and cons. A review can be expected this week. Also, I will review everything I shared with you all in my Beauty Buys gradually. I just share those posts, so that you all can get a rough idea what to expect in following weeks...

Btw, are you all excited for grease paint stick? I don't know which ones to buy, as I have something similar to those colors in cream shadow form or shadesticks...I am eyeing Dirrty though...what are your lemmings from this collection??

I will see ya around...
Stay good...


'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just the
list of things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab', 'review'
about in next few posts!!!

Goodies I picked are:

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (This one is good)
2. Philosophy Hope In a Jar Original Formula (Excited to use this one)
3. Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector (I picked this from my cousin)
4. Clinique All About Eyes (I picked this from my cousin)
5. Philosophy Eye Hope (sample)
6. Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion for body (sample)

I am done using Korres Serum and Moisturizer. It was very good. I would love to repeat it again, but I did change the brand to try something new. So its Philosophy this time. Also my cousin, who does not uses Clinique as her skincare brand had these GWP samples, so she gave me few. I have used the eye cream before, but Skintone corrector is something new for me. I bought these at the start of the month, so technically its Beauty Buy Set 1. My MD skin Natural is also finished, so I picked Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst relief this time. I have tried everything, except Philosophy one I guess...Lets see how it works...


'BEAUTY BUYS' is another term coined for the infamous 'HAUL'. Its just the
list of things I buy and the ones you will hear me 'yak', 'blab', 'review' about
in next few posts!!!
Goodies I picked are:
1. Make Up Forever HD Powder ( This beter live up to its hype...LOL!!)
2. NARS Blush in LUSTER (I have been eyeing this since ages!!)
3. Benefit That Gal Primer (Loved the tiny one from the sample kit!)
4. DONNA KARAN Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum (Trying to build a fragrance collection)
5. Stella Eau de Parfum by STELLA McCARTNEY (This was on my list since Holidays...)
As my birth month is about to get over, I think I can grab a few more goodies this weekend...what say??

New “Culture Corner” book by Basil Wolverton!

Basil Wolverton Culture Corner book Fantagraphics
Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton – a beautiful hardcover collection of Basil Wolverton comics -- is coming soon! You can see in the video below that the book displays Basil Wolverton's rough drawings and the corresponding finished comic strips on
facing pages...fantastic!
More on Basil Wolverton and Culture Corner:
Basil Wolverton Culture Corner scans

Over Rated/Over Hyped Product -- A Tag!!

There is a little difference between 'products I regret buying' and 'Over-hyped product'. I mean products I bought which already had mixed reviews and they didn't work for me go into the products I regret buying category, but the products that I bought just because it was hyped on beauty forums and you-tube falls in to this category of over-hyped products...

So below are my picks...:)

1. MAC MSFs:
Now let me begin by saying 'they all look same to me'///ok..ok, a brown MSF looks different than a pink MSF. Initially I went crazy collecting them and later realised that most of them actually can be used as highlighter, so I don't think its worth paying crazy prices on e-bay or anywhere, if you have missed on any color or collection. To top this pick is the NEW VEGAS MSF, which I was crazy to get, because I had heard that it gave this best glow on cheek...Man!! What a glittery, chunky mess it was!!!! Needless to say, I got rid of it from collection ASAP...

2. MAC Feline kohl:
I knew since day one, that it would budge, because it was a Kohl. I have had Smolder and Stila Kajal. All of these are kohls. So Feline running or making me look like racoon was not an issue. I bought it because it was hyped as Blackest Black....Its ok, I don't think a drop of extra pigment is worth creating soo much of a hype!!

3. Dior Show Mascara:
I didn't buy it. But when I got the chance to try it, I did feel it was over hyped and not worth paying $$sssss...There are tons of drug store mascaras doing amazing could find one there for your lashes...

4. MAC Fix Plus:
People say it gives 'dewy' look. If Dewy= Sticky, I say yes..It does gives that sticky, gross look. Its just a glorified water mixed with something in every way...IMO...

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment:
Over priced and Over hyped. Want some lovely, smooth lips...try a mixture of sugar and lip balm or olive oil at home!!!

6. Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals:
I remember when I first started seeing YT videos, everyone was raving about this it gave them that flawless look....etc, etc...
For me, it flew everywhere...there was not invisible veil. I looked same before and after application....It just didn't live up to the hype!!

There are few other products too, mainly colors, that I bought because of all the hype. I know lipstick, blush colors are all subjective. Colors that work for you may not work for me. But few colors that I have don't look good on me and I have not seen many people in person looking good with that either.
1. Lollipop loving
2. Lavender whip
3. Blooming lovely

These colors are so difficult to work with.

Orgasm Blush by NARS is another color, I don't know why is loved my many. I mean whenever I see in pictures, it looks good...but in person, I didn't find it unique or amazing...
NARS Turkish Delight and Striptease are a few other colors that I have tried on, but I just feel they are a bit over-hyped...

These are few of the thing, that I feel is over-hyped and I have purchased most of them because everyone else raved. I guess, past experiences have made me a bit wise and now I don't fall for the hype often, but still there are times when I want to believe in all things good about a product.....

This is a fun tag. Many products may be your HOLY GRAIL product...Just enjoy the whole thing...Take a chill pill!!
Let me know what your favorites are...and yes, no one tagged me to do this, but the person 'vanewpc' who started this tag on youtube replied me to one of her comments, that I can do the tag...hehe, so technically, I am tagged!!!


MAC Solar Riche, MAC Emote Blush, CARGO Blu-Ray Bronzer, Benefit Hoola

I am a Olive skin toned person, with heavy yellow undertones. I am NC40 in MAC for summers and I would say I am pretty much happy with my natural!!
I really don't need a bronzer for that bronzed effect or to get that sun-kissed glow.

During those summer months, all I need is a little warm glow and I try to achieve that by applying WARMED MSF by MAC which unfortunately is Limited Edition.
I use bronzers to contour, to carve that fake cheek bone and give my face a slightly slimming effect, which is more of a round shape...

Bronzers, that have shimmers in them are not good for this contouring purpose, especially during the day time.

Selecting a bronzer color can be very tricky. Some make me look orange like a pumpkin and others can make me look dirty, like dry mud smeared all over my face. Some bronzers are light enough to be used as an all over powder for my skintone and some can make me look like Edward cullen in sunlight....all shimmering like Diamonds....LOL!!

I have purchased quite a few bronzers and till date I am confused what exactly looks good. Laguna by NARS didn't work, neither did MAC Solar Riche...both had shimmers...nay for me!!
Cargo Blu-ray was too light in color and drugstore ones always made me orange...At times Emote blush looks decent, but other times it looks dirty....same with Hoola, it looks different in different lighting....I am still in hunt for a decent bronzer that would look good when I contour.

I have heard that The Balm has a good bronzer and Tarte Park Avenue Princess is a good one too. This post is just to share what bronzers I have and what you all would suggest if you have a skintone similar to mine....
I tried to swatch these bronzers...but the camera didn't pick decent pics...I let them go...:)

Picaresque Tales of Felix The Cat by Otto Messmer

Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 04
From Dell Four Color #77, published in 1945 – This issue collects a long string of 1938 Felix the Cat comic strip reprints from the genius pen of
Otto Messmer.
Messmer’s artwork from this period is so bouncy and alive…joyfully cartoony and all-out fun!
Felix_the_Cat Four_Color__0077- - Page 01
Felix the Cat cartoon comic burglar robbing houseClick on any page for a BIG vintage comic book scanFelix the Cat cartoon comic catches a masked robber burglar Felix the Cat cartoon comic meets a rooster chicken Felix the Cat cartoon comic plays with a rooster chicken Felix the Cat cartoon comic has snowball fight with a rooster chicken Otto Messmer Felix the Cat cartoon comic meets a rooster chickenFelix the Cat cartoon comic runs with a rooster chicken

Click on cover below for more
Felix The Cat comics
by Otto Messmer:
 Felix the Cat and the Haunted Castle by Otto Messmer

Animation Jobs: STARZ/Film Roman seeks Storyboard Artist

animation cartoonist drawing
Storyboarding job news from TAG 839 announcement:

STARZ/Film Roman is looking for a experienced Storyboard Artist who can draw in the style of "The Ren and Stimpy Show", "The Mighty B" and similar styled shows.
Experience in Digital Storyboarding with Photoshop is a must.
Please submit PDF Files to or call 818.748.4003 with any questions.


Gorgeous MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks

They are Lovely!! They are Attractive!! They are one-of its kind....They are Limited Edition...

MAC has always managed to trap me with its LE stuff. Sometimes the products are genuinely unique, some times they are just, well CRAP...but MAC still manages to lure me with their LE, Gorgeous Packaging...

They sucked me into buying an Orange Electro and they made me buy that Lollipop Loving....which looks painfully horrible on me! I still can't let them go...they sit there in my collection, unused (most of the times), admired by me everyday. I feel happy to posses them...but is it really worth it??

Do you find yourself holding on to products, just because they come packed in a Limited Edition lovely, cute casings??


Pic by: corremadrid / Joel
Hia all my beautiful beauties...
SPRING IS FINALLY HERE....I am happy that now I can enjoy more outdoors and not go to mall often to spend my Saturdays...This means less money will be spend on impulse buys....The bad thing though is I don't get to wear jackets and coats and stuff, which usually helped me to 'hide' my fat body....anyways....
I got nice gifts on my B'day, but I had to become a year older to get those....
Ok, so on make-up stuff, I am pretty excited about the grease paint sticks by MAC, but on seeing the swatches, I feel I do have similar colors that I can use as eye base from various brands...What do you guys think? Should I buy any of those? What is your list? Anything specific you are eyeing for?
Oh yes, I did get some charms and beads for my Pandora braclet and I was thinking of dedicating a post on that, because I had many questions regarding that and I didn't find the answers to many on internet...So may be in future, if someone wants a few information, my post might help....
I guess I am blabbering a lot asusual....
Have a great week ahead and don't forgot to pay an occassional visit on Dazzle-n-Sparkle!!!


I always wanted to own a CHANEL QUAD. I was so curious to know, how different or good is this brand from all the MAC or other stuff I have. When its CHANEL...Its like...haaaa...

The fancy pouch

I had to shell out 60 bucks! *cough* which included the tax for this quad that runs by the name KASKA BEIGE... Now, this being my first Chanel purchase I did my little research on the internet and found Chanel lovers were raving about this quad...


The quad has neutral colors, which is very very wearable, work friendly, everyday quad. The colors are pretty decently co-ordinated and can be worn in conjugation for a simple or a dramatic look.
The quad comes in this fancy pouch, which is made of velvet and with two crappy, sponge applicators, which is useless...Its such a shame that a quad this expensive holds cheap, sponge applicators...


The colors are not highly pigmented. They are medium soft and texture wise there is a mix of matte, satin and color with mild sheen. None of them are glittery or shimmery. Its pretty classy!!!

Swatched without base

I wore it over UDPP and I had to work a bit to get some pigmentation. Next time I did use a brown shadestick and the colors were more vibrant.

Swatches of Chanel Kaska Beige Quad

Colors in number 3 and 4 are my favorite. They are beautiful, but none of them are unique. I personally feel, paying $60 for a quad that is moderately pigmented....and not Unique or Extra special...I don't understand....I guess I paid a lot for the BRAND NAME....

Some people may not agree with my thoughts, but I think, I could get similar effect or a similar eye look using similar colors from other brand...I agree, the quad looks classy and its a great, happy feeling for a make-up junkie to own one...but I won't be buying any of their other quads...

I guess, with this one, my 'CRAZE and CURIOUSITY for CHANEL' quad has reduced as I know its nothing special.....