Urban Decay Primer Potion EDEN - Review/Swatch

Urban Decay Primer Potion in EDEN

An eye prep product that provides smoother, longer-lasting, and absolutely
crease-proof eyeshadow—and is now offered in a very-wearable, tawny, matte hue.

The Wand

Eyeshadow Primer Potions from Urban Decay are unmatched in the beauty industry! The genie in these bottles fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more
vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. Apply Primer Potion to
lids before shadow application and it dries down almost instantly, creating
smooth lids that are super-powered eyeshadow magnets. Urban Decay offers several unique shades in their Eyeshadow Primer Potions, but all boast the same
unbelievable function. Eden is a matte-finish, tawny hue and gives you a
stunning "no makeup" look when worn alone or complements other eyeshadows worn in combination. Packaged in a pretty genie bottle, all these Potions are applied
with a magic wand and flocked applicator.

Swatches of UDPP in EDEN, REGULAR, SIN

I am very happy with my old UDPP, but it was curiousity that led me to buy this. After trying it for almost a week, I have mixed feelings about this product.

Color, Fragrance and Texture:

The color is beigey, tawny with lots of yellow undertones to it. Its very much like a light weight concealer. The texture is slightly liquidy, with no smell to it and its very fluffy...(i know you got it).

Primer Potions by Urban Decay

When I swatched this, it looked very opaque, but when I applied it on my eye, it gave a semi-sheer coverage. I have pigmented eye-lids as you can see in pictures below. So if I try to conceal this pigmentation, the EDEN does it, but not the way I want it. I mean the product claims to give a 'no make-up look' when worn alone, but for my eye-lids, it looked weird.

Bare eyes

Two dabs of UDPP EDEN

The application is a bit tricky. If I am not careful while spreading it out, it would leave a whitish/yellowish cast on places where I don't need. Like with the regular UDPP, I can use it upto the brow bone and even on my lower lashline. As its clear or does not imparts any color, I don't care if the applicationn is messy. With this one I have to be careful, or else it just discolors lot of stuff and also my eye brow hair.....I don't know if that makes any sense...but yes, I prefer the regular one.

Sheered out (messy application)

This didn't crease, but if you apply a bit more to get more coverage, it does creases. Also I had to be quick while working, because it dries quickly and then its difficult to both spread and wipe of the excess. So the key is use sparingly, quickly and preferably with a brush.
I still prefer my UDPP regular and then top it with Paint pots, Shadestick, Jumbo Pencil, Creaseless cream shadow, or for that matter any colored or nude base to get the desired coverage or pop off color...whatever is needed....
Disclaimer: Personally purchased, paid and used product. Personal thoughts and experience.

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