Beauty Obsessions - February 2010

BEAUTY OBSESSIONS is just a fancier name for monthly favoriteskind of posts. I
directly lifted this name from a You Tube Guru DRBrooklyn.Every month it will
feature a list of make-up, clothes, jewelry, fragrance etcwhich I used more than
the other stuff I have. Things with which I was alittle tooo obsessed the whole

The Essentials

Well, I would admit that first half of February didn’t saw me wearing real make-up, but yes I did wore basic essentials and lipgloss and stuff.

1. Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer
2. Korres Illuminating face mask
3. Korres Brightening Face serum
4. Korres Evening Primerose eye cream

5. Skin MD Natural Face and body lotion

So for my skin which includes the face and body, I was very much enjoying and benefiting from the Korres Wild Rose line of skincare. I have reviewed the line, so if anyone interested can read it. For my skin, MD lotion was working so well, that I would love to repeat the bottle.
For my eyes, I started using the Korres evening Primerose eye cream and I am loving it so far. I would not say I am obssessed with everything I mentioned here, but that of what I used the whole month.

6. Neutrogena Eye make-up remover
7. Solar Balm: Cuticle cream/balm
8. Popster Tinted Lip conditioner by MAC

The remover and lip stuff is same as last month. These suckers last for a very very long time!!
As I had been using a lot of press- on nails, I was not taking much care of my real nails. So I pulled out my Cuticle treatment, which is SOLAR BALM and that stuff stinks like crazy!! Either ways it smelled bad since the time I bought it, but as it works, I thought why not...but this time it just stinked and for some strange reason the consistency changed, it became thick and sticky.
I would say, it was the most hated, but most used item the whole month!!!

Face and Eyes

1. MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder.
2. Benefit Some kind of Gorgeous Foundation Faker.
3. Benefit That Gal Face Primer

For the face I tried these new products from Benefit. Their primer and the foundation faker. I liked both the products, but the color of foundation faker was a bit light for me. I like the fact that these were all mini size in kit and such kits are great to try the products.

Eyeshadow swatches of MAC Folie, Embark, Patina, Satin Taupe.
MAC Paint Pot in Cashflow and Shadestick in Relaxed.

4. Relaxed Shadestick
5. Cashflow Paint Pot
6. UDPP (All time favorite)
7. Cargo Blu-Ray Mascara
8. Stila Kajal in Onyx
9. MAC eyeshadows in Folie, Embark, Satin Taupe, Patina

For the eyes, it was all neutral. Its always neutral. I don’t know why the hell I buy colors like Vibrant Grape and Rated R….anyways…
So, since I have bought this Relaxed shadestick, I have been using it almost every single day. It’s a beautiful chocolate brown color and I am happy that MAC has changed the formula. Its simply LOVE!!!
Another thing that pulled out from my stash was this paint pot in Cashflow. I have yet to see a similar color like Cashflow, which is a antique gold kinda color, in any brand. It is such a gorgeous color, that it looks good by itself along with liner and mascara. Unfortunately it is Limited Edition which SUCKS!!!
For eyeshadows, I just pulled out 4 colors in a quad and kept using them in permutation - combination. The highlight would be anything, mostly Brule by MAC. The colors you see are Satin Taupe, Patina, Folie and Embark. The last two colors work well with Relaxed shadestick.

Stila Kajal pencils are amazing. I don't know why everyone went crazy with MAC Feline Kohl pencil, when there was Stila Kajal around!!
The Cargo Mascara is cool. I like the wand, the mini comb!


This is NOT A TUTORIAL...I am a learner myself...I was just trying to take my own pictures with some look. No concealer, no make-up. I must say, its HARD!!! How to people do tutorials with amazing pictures and photos!!!

Lips and Cheeks

1. MAC Blush in Gingerly
2. MAC Blush in Nuance
3. Benefit Posietint

Posietint was the surprise star of February for me. Its a cute product, with lovely color and amazing pay off. I need not say anything about MAC Nuance. It was one of the finest Mineralize blush formula by MAC. Later on, they came out with many of mineralize blushes, but nothing could compare to the soft and fine Sonic Chic ones!!

Swatches of MAC Bare Slimeshine, Queen Bee, Love child and Eclectic Edge

4. Queen Bee Lipglass
5. Lovechild Lipglass
6. Eclectic Edge Lipglass
7. Bare Slimshine

I have heard MAC is discontinuing slimshines?? Is that true?? If yes, all I can say, that MAC is MAD!! Slimshines don't have the best color pay off, nor are they long lasting, but trust me, they are so smooth and moisturizing!! These also impart amazing sheen to the lips. A very comfortable on lip product.

Lovechild is a permanent lipglass and I am happy it is, because it one of the finest colors for darker skintones like mine and has amazing pay off too. Queen Bee is a Limited Edition color, but its not unique.

Eclectic Edge Lipglass on its own
This is a lovely lipglass, but the container is the worst container ever made in the history of Lipglass containers....wooosh!!!!
Its practically impossible to get any color out of that tube, because of the way its made, but its a beautiful color for sure!!


Plain and simple. Its snowed so much in February, that half of the time either I was in house or wearing scarves and gloves. I don't think any of the accessories would had been visible!
Those Ball earings...they are TIFFANY ones...Oh, well...I wish they!!
I bought these fake ones for $3.50 to just see how a ball earing would look on me, before investing in a Tiffany. I must say, it looks classy and elegant..but now, I feel..if I am good with a fake one, should I buy the Original stuff?????
The rose earings are from Claire's and I love them a lot. They go with whatever I wear and I have two in different colors...retard me!!
The pendants are from Kohl's....

Did you guys really read this till the end?? Again, this time?? Seriously??


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