Over Rated/Over Hyped Product -- A Tag!!

There is a little difference between 'products I regret buying' and 'Over-hyped product'. I mean products I bought which already had mixed reviews and they didn't work for me go into the products I regret buying category, but the products that I bought just because it was hyped on beauty forums and you-tube falls in to this category of over-hyped products...

So below are my picks...:)

1. MAC MSFs:
Now let me begin by saying 'they all look same to me'///ok..ok, a brown MSF looks different than a pink MSF. Initially I went crazy collecting them and later realised that most of them actually can be used as highlighter, so I don't think its worth paying crazy prices on e-bay or anywhere, if you have missed on any color or collection. To top this pick is the NEW VEGAS MSF, which I was crazy to get, because I had heard that it gave this best glow on cheek...Man!! What a glittery, chunky mess it was!!!! Needless to say, I got rid of it from collection ASAP...

2. MAC Feline kohl:
I knew since day one, that it would budge, because it was a Kohl. I have had Smolder and Stila Kajal. All of these are kohls. So Feline running or making me look like racoon was not an issue. I bought it because it was hyped as Blackest Black....Its ok, I don't think a drop of extra pigment is worth creating soo much of a hype!!

3. Dior Show Mascara:
I didn't buy it. But when I got the chance to try it, I did feel it was over hyped and not worth paying $$sssss...There are tons of drug store mascaras doing amazing job...you could find one there for your lashes...

4. MAC Fix Plus:
People say it gives 'dewy' look. If Dewy= Sticky, I say yes..It does gives that sticky, gross look. Its just a glorified water mixed with something in every way...IMO...

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment:
Over priced and Over hyped. Want some lovely, smooth lips...try a mixture of sugar and lip balm or olive oil at home!!!

6. Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals:
I remember when I first started seeing YT videos, everyone was raving about this product...how it gave them that flawless look....etc, etc...
For me, it flew everywhere...there was not invisible veil. I looked same before and after application....It just didn't live up to the hype!!

There are few other products too, mainly colors, that I bought because of all the hype. I know lipstick, blush colors are all subjective. Colors that work for you may not work for me. But few colors that I have don't look good on me and I have not seen many people in person looking good with that either.
1. Lollipop loving
2. Lavender whip
3. Blooming lovely

These colors are so difficult to work with.

Orgasm Blush by NARS is another color, I don't know why is loved my many. I mean whenever I see in pictures, it looks good...but in person, I didn't find it unique or amazing...
NARS Turkish Delight and Striptease are a few other colors that I have tried on, but I just feel they are a bit over-hyped...

These are few of the thing, that I feel is over-hyped and I have purchased most of them because everyone else raved. I guess, past experiences have made me a bit wise and now I don't fall for the hype often, but still there are times when I want to believe in all things good about a product.....

This is a fun tag. Many products may be your HOLY GRAIL product...Just enjoy the whole thing...Take a chill pill!!
Let me know what your favorites are...and yes, no one tagged me to do this, but the person 'vanewpc' who started this tag on youtube replied me to one of her comments, that I can do the tag...hehe, so technically, I am tagged!!!

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