Cartoon Jobs: NEW Beavis and Butthead seeks Storyboard Artists and Character Designers

What the --- check out this new job posting:
"Film Roman is currently accepting submissions for upcoming Storyboard and Character Design Positions on the Beavis and Butthead series.  If you have a flair for comedy, kick-ass drawing skills on both characters and backgrounds and a clear, simple and cinematic sense of staging, they'd love to meet you.
Proficiency,  comfort and speed working digitally in Storyboard Pro, with knowledge of Photoshop a MUST. Experience in Prime-time Animation and scripted dialogue driven series a plus.
All submissions/inquiries must be accompanied by a resume and a link to appropriate storyboard samples.  Candidates may be asked to complete a short in-character/on model storyboard test, so only those willing need apply.
Of special interest:
• Primetime Animation samples rather than children's programming .
• Subtle, restrained, yet unique and comic acting choices rather than traditional animation poses.
• Anatomically correct and expressive drawing, especially on hands and fists.

Please send resumes and submissions to: "

Pretty wild, huh? It's Beavis and Butthead 2.0: Reboot!

PS: Notice that "Proficiency,  comfort and speed working digitally in Storyboard Pro, with knowledge of Photoshop a MUST." If you're not up to speed on those apps, you gotta get hustlin'.

Check out my 3 hours of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro video tutorials at:

Dateless Dorothy becomes Dazzling Dotty! Gals…Get Hep to Happiness!

Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 01 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 02 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 03 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 04 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 05 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 06 This heartwarming tale is from My Friend Irma #20
My Friend Irma 20 cover Dan DecarloDateless Dorothy Mini Gym 07 The full comic book ad is below:Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym Full Page Comic Book Fitness Ad

With some highlights and details
you won’t wanna miss…

Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 08 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 09 Dateless Dorothy Mini Gym 10 …and this little bonus ad from the same comic book:

Save Your Hair My Friend Irma #20 - Page 32

Animation Jobs: Film Roman seeks Flash Animator

Animation Job Alert! This announcement is cut/pasted from Th Animation Guild job hotline:

Film Roman is looking for someone with strong Animation and Compositing skills to help with creative retakes on an animated series. Should be well versed in both Flash and After Effects. In this position you may have to fix Animation or Animate from scratch, fix an effect or create one and/or Re-composite scenes.  They need to fill this position by mid-October.
Please send resumes to:
That's all I know...good luck!


NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream

NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream is an antioxidant cream that targets dark eye
circles, puffiness and reduces the visible signs of aging in the delicate eye
area. Also contains Green Tea extract and Cucumber extract. Ophthalmologist
tested and Fragrance-Free. Formulated with 3% Gluconolactone, 1% Lactobionic
acid, Vitamin K, Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

How I used it

Twice a day AM and PM
Duration: 10 weeks plus

This eye cream was sent to me by the Neostarta company for consideration in June. I have been using it religiously since then and it even was one of my favorite products in July. It is still going strong. I have used it for a decent amount of time and I think I am in position to give my opinions and share my experience.

I have dark under circles as you all know by now. I always use eye creams. They are a part of my everyday skin care routine since ages and I am habituated to them now. I have tried many brands. Clinique, Philosophy, Korres, Revlon, Neutrogena, Origins etc. Origins is my all time Favorite, Clinique being close second.

I must say this new cream is AMAZING!! I am not saying this because its free. It sure is amazing and I have good reasons to back my statement.

Firstly this cream has few things as a part of their ingredients which have not used in the past. Vitamin K and Lactobionic Acid are two things which non of the creams or serums had that I used.

This has reduced my dark under eye circles considerably. The under eye area feels soft and smooth. It moisturizes the area so well. It is very light weight and not at all greasy. It sinks in beautifully and leaves on oiliness whatsoever.

Also, unlike many eye creams that I had used in the past, this does not stings, burns or irritate my eyes. This is great because I can use it under my concealer, without actually hurting my eye.

I cannot comment on its capability to reduce wrinkles or Puffiness, because I don’t have any of those issues as of now.

I use my ring finger to pat the cream, by gently massaging the area applying feather light pressure, in circular motion till the cream sinks in and disappears.

It also has Gluconolactone, as a part of its Key Ingredients, that helps in reparing damage and provides protection with its Anit-oxidant properties. Now, even though we don’t know the clinical terms or the way these ingredients work, but we all know Anti-oxidants are great for skin, hair and health in general.

It is fragrance free and comes in a soft, squeeze tube with a nozzle. This is sanitary and the nozzle size is small enough to prevent wastage.

There might be few questions you want to ask.

Ques: Would you have bought this product on your own, if the company didn’t send it to you for free?
Ans: No. I didn’t knew about this brand at all. I am glad that the company sent it to me.

Ques: How does this cream differ from others that you have used in past?
Ans: I think this is a very multi-purpose eye cream. It reduces darkness, moisturizes, does not stings, is not heavy and does not leaves the under eye area oily! My old creams and serums lacked in one or two departments always.

Ques: What is the USP of this eye cream according to you?
Ans: The very fact that I can wear it all day, keeping my eye area protected and moisturized, without disturbing my Makeup routine is something which is good. Also it does not stings!

Ques: Will you buy this product again?
Ans: Yes. Its $50 for a tube, which is expensive. But then most of the eye creams or serums come with a higher price tag. This works and I am glad its not $150!

If you are seriously looking for an eye cream for dark circles, this is something worth trying. Please fell free to ask questions if you have any. I was sent this product for consideration and I have tried my level best to give an honest opinion. I am not affiliated with the brand and this is no paid review. Like always, skincare products may vary in their effectiveness from person to person.

Visit for more information.


PIC: Web

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weather. I am so happy to say good bye to Sun and Heat! There is something beautiful about the cloudy weather, Rains and changing colors of the trees. Some find this Gloomy...I find this Romantic..

Anyways, last week in Dazzle 'n' Sparkle you saw some posts on products that were technically boring, but definately Essentials. There are a few more such skin and eye care reveiws coming soon. I also have a little Nail Polish buys to Share and a small Beauty Buy from Sephora aswell.
The new collection from MAC (Disney), is very huge and though many people are enjoying the goodies, I am just finding it Juvenile. I had said the same thing about Hello Kitty, but ended up liking 2 products, so maybe its a pre-mature Statement. The colors in the collection are not Unique, nor are any products. Honestly, I have passed that 'Phase' of having something from every collection. I guess it happens when you have been into collecting make up stuff since long.

I am Rambling...I know!! Wish you all have a Great day and week ahead. I will see ya around.


LAURA MERCIER - Secret Brightening Powder

Secret Brightening Powder

Laura Mercier created Secret Brightening Powder to set Secret Brightener, Secret
Concealer, and Secret Camouflage. Formulated for all skin types, the powder
contains micronized pigments that will not settle in fine lines or accentuate
shadows and instantly delivers a soft, weightless finish.
Very few Products that carry the "Brightening" tag work for me. As I have mentioned in some of my past reviews, that most of the Brightening products are actually Whitening Products. They just make the area White!!!! It has been my experience with many products, though its not a Thumb Rule.

This Powder by Laura Mercier is a slight Beige/Creamish colored Loose Powder, which is to be used over Corrector and Concealer for Under eye areas, so as to prevent creasing and melting of Concealers.

The powder is very finely milled. It is very light weight and does a great job in getting rid of the oiliness. It is very light and does not settles in the fine lines, even if I over do it.
The best part is, it DOES NOT dries the undereye area, which unfortunately Makeup Forever HD powder did. Also, it looks very natural and does not makes the under eye area white like Brody Jenner. The powder is invisible, but it manages to give that brightening effect. It works well with Dark Circles. It is not sparkly nor has any distracting shimmery stuff.

I have the shade 2, meant for medium to Dark complexion and I use MAC 224 brush to apply this, but any Fluffy Brush will work. The only annoying part is the container. I just hate the way it is made. It has a sifter, which has million big holes. I don't know why we need so many of them. Its so difficut to travel with!!! There is so much powder wasted, just by accumulating in the lids!

I have used the tape method, where you secure some holes with a clear tape, leaving only few open holes available for use. It is kind of working, but I would still prefer a different kind of packaging.

The product works. I don't know how exactly it works, but it works. Trust me!!! I just love it!
At $22, I find it to be slightly over priced.

I want to Try Benefit's Powderflage. Have heard good things about that one.

Do you use Powders for setting the Concealer? Do you think this is an extra, unnecesary step? Does this Works for you?

Felix Friday Fiesta – Fantastic Fun!

Felix_Rainbow-endpaper-otto-messmer Have you ever seen a more beautiful drawing?
Click here
for more on the book
A few weeks ago, the wonderful new book, "Felix: The Great Comic Book Tails" was released, and I posted a great Felix comic by Otto Messmer, “Felix in Public Elations,” to honor the occasion.That one was from 1953’s Felix the Cat #48
But today, thanks to Craig Yoe,
I get to share a full 16-page story
(and my personal favorite!) from the new book.
This one’s called, “Felix Pulls Through” Magic Carpet Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_01Long before his “Bag of Tricks,”  Felix had a magic carpet that transported his to adventures across the world, across space and time, and over the boundaries of fantasy and wild imagination! Magic Carpet Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_02-03 Magic Carpet volcano Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_04-05
These vintage comic stories read like breakneck-paced fever dreams of a master cartoonist cutting loose and having fun! soldiers Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_06-07 cannonball Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_08-09 airplanes Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_10-11 Horse and Tank Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_12-13 Cartoon King Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_14-15
Felix_The_Cat_Pulls_Through_16 I love that Otto Messmer was totally unconcerned with continuity or plot or story-arcs or anything else that stand in the way of his brand of pure cartoon joy.
FANTASTIC FELIX FRIDAY ~ TO-LEFTThis post is just one of many across the comics-blogosphere celebrating the release of the new Felix the Cat book!

Click HERE to find the book on
Check out these other Felix-loving comic blogs
for MANY more vintage Felix comics:
Be sure to click on the illustration below to enjoy it in its full-sized cartoony glory!

New Sergio Aragonés Book -- 50 years of Mad Cartoons in a 272-page Hardcover

Brand new BIG collection of Sergio Aragonés cartoons from MAD Magazine: "Sergio Aragones - Five Decades of His Finest Works." Yippee!

For the first time (since 1979's Sergio Aragones on Parade), here is a “greatest hits” collection of one of MAD’s most popular and prolific artists—Sergio Aragonés—hand-picked by the artist and featuring his greatest work from his debut with MAD in 1963 to the present. Assembled chronologically, it’s packed with 272 pages of cartoons,interviews, and a special pull-out poster of Sergio’s “Marginals,” the wildly popular mini-cartoons that have appeared in MAD’s margins for over 40 years.

Just arrived today at!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - Golden

I was pretty impressed by Bobbi Brown Corrector (Review) and decided to give their Creamy Concealer a try. The MUA at store matched me to color Golden, which I think is bit dark, but I apply it over the corrector, so it kinda blends in well and evens out everything.

Bobbi Brown Concealer (Golden) and Corrector (Dark Peach)

The concealer is definately creamy and light weight, which obviously means its more oil based. I use to apply this under my eye using a stiff flat, synthetic concealer brush. I have one from Coastal Scents, that fits in the undereye area perfectly well and does the job.

I avoid using my fingers with this product, because I noticed that when I apply it with my fingers, the under eye area gets more oily and the concealer settles into the fine lines. Also less is more with concealers always...

Using a brush avoids this and then I set the whole thing with Laura Mercier Secret Brightenting powder. This makes the Concealer last longer. If I don't use the powder, the concealer just melts and disappears after few hours. SETTING WITH POWDER IS MUST.

Bobbi Brown Concealer in Golden and Corrector in Dark Peach

The coverage is opaque, not very thick though. It looks very natural, not like an artificial pastey or cakey. I mainly use it for under eye area and it does a good job of hiding those circles.

The best thing about the Bobbi Brown Brand is that it has good shade range and has yellow'ness' or warmth in it. They match yellow undertones very well. This is something that not many brands boast of. I find many brands have concealers and foundations with more Pink undertones in it. MAC has a good color range aswell, but the pot concealers are too heavy and thick.

The container is compact and comes with a mirror, which is good. Its difficult to open at times because it ruins my nail polish. Its not tight or something, just the placement of the snap closure is such that it ruins my nail polish.

Good product, but if you have very oily lids or under eye area, you might want to try it at store before spending $22, which is kinda steep for a product that is to be used everyday.

What is your HOLY GRAIL Concealer?

Super Rabbit is a SUPER Comic!

Here are some super old-timey funny-animal comics that I think you'll dig:
Super Rabbit Vol.1 # 3 from Comedy Publications, Inc.

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

What does 300dpi look like?
Well, when you click on these pages,
you'll get to see them
with detail like these panels below...

I mean, if I'm gonna bother to scan them,
I might as well do it at a good resolution!

...and you can't really appreciate this beautiful linework unless you see it up close. I'm not sure who the artist is on these stories. Vince Fago is my best guess, but that's based on memory alone because I can't find anything to confirm it. I remember that Vince Fago had a very distinctive lettering style, too...and that lettering shows up in these pages.

I only have this one issue of Super Rabbit, and I haven't been able to find very much info on the Internet. I found this cover (below) which was credited to Vince Fago. If he drew that cover, then he probably drew this story.

More sample panels from Super Rabbit #3

What I have been able to find out is that Super Rabbit was created by Ernie Hart and appeared in the Timely comic book line. Super Rabbit's appearance changed pretty drastically over the course of just a few issues. You can see the morphing of Super Rabbit at this great website that features cover galleries of many Atlas and Timely Comics. This was the publishing house that eventually became Marvel Comics, but in the 1950's they published an enormous range of magazine and comic book styles and genres.

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

Click on any of these pages to see a HUGE 300dpi detailed scan!

More info on Super Rabbit and Timely Comics and Ernie Hart and Vince Fago at: