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Animation JOB Alert: Nickelodeon Seeks BG Designer for Kung Fu Panda

Nickelodeon is looking for a BG Designer
for Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
NOTE: The following is from the Nickelodeon job posting -- this is all the info I have….
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Review script for backgrounds needed at handout of show.
  • Complete all rough, revised and final designs necessary within assigned deadlines.
  • Resolve design problems with creative supervisors.
  • Ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Communicate progress of work to appropriate production staff.
  • Ensure all artwork is properly backed up and stored appropriately.
  • Ensure all shipping materials are prepared and ready on time.
  • Be available for questions until your department's shipment is complete.
  • Generate multiple views of environment and specific elements within it.
Additional job requirements:
  • Assist with special projects
  • Prop Designing
  • Must be proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in style of show
  • Strong background design skills
  • Thorough understanding of perspective
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn applicable design software and hardware
  • Strong time-management skills
  • Work well under pressure
  • Ability to multitask
  • Fluent in Maya and Mudbox is a major plus

  • Must have experience designing for a CG show.
  • Architectural experience preferred
  • 3 - 5 years relevant drawing experience necessary
  • BA in Fine Arts or equivalent work experience highly desired
To apply for this position, you must submit your resume online at Please follow up by submitting a flat book portfolio (do not include any original artwork) directly to the animation studio.  Before we can review your portfolio, you must fill-out a portfolio release form.       To download the form, please go to:        Mail in, or drop off, the completed form along with your portfolio to:
Nickelodeon Animation Studios  Attn. Portfolio Submissions  231 West Olive Avenue  Burbank, CA 91502

Please Note: Allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing. They will call when your portfolio is ready for pick-up. 


Long time.....No updates on this Blog...Busy...Busy...Busy...with loads of packing and moving.

We were supposed to move to another country and at last moment everything was cancelled and now we have moved to CHICAGO...So in all this chaos and tension, my beauty purchases took a back seat and so did beauty blogging and updates.

I did get a chance to try some SKINCARE products, like Serums, Moisturizers, Mask etc. So in near future the Journal will see some in depth reviews of Skincare products and my experience with them.

Yeah, in general missed the Beauty Blogging and all the fun. Very excited to get back in touch with all of you beauty lovers.

Thanks to all those who sent me private mails and messages on Twitter asking about me and my Blog.

See you all soon...:)

Coffee-Stain Guy and A Hard-Boiled Egg

"Coffee-Stain Guy and A Hard-Boiled Egg"
An Almost-Random Selection of Doodley-Sketches

Sketches-2011026Sketches-2011025 Totally Hard-BoiledSquid and friends and enemies

Master Cartooning at Home in a Few Short Weeks -- Vintage Ad from Popular Mechanics 1960

"Draw Cartoons..for a wonderful pastime or excellent earnings. Master cartooning at home in a few short weeks without waste of time or effort!"

Here are some ads for cartooning schools that ran in the 1930's

 …and here's a cool image from a Honda ad from the 1960 issue:

You can check out these high-quality scans
of vintage Popular Mechanics magazines at:


This has nothing to do with cartooning, but it's a pretty cool image:

Name that Doodle!

Another sketchbook exploration through the subconscious.. this time drawn with a red felt-tip marker.

What could it mean? What horrifying secrets lay hidden between the lines?

The Farmer’s Daughter & The Traveling Salesman – Vintage Comic Book by Irv Spector

Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 01 The Farmer’s Daughter in
“The One About The Traveling Salesman” by Irv Spence
Farmers Daughter and Traveling Salesman comic book Irv SpectorFarmers Daughter and Traveling Salesman staircase Irv SpectorIssue #1 Feb/Mar 1954 Stanhall PublicationsFarmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 03Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 04 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 05 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 06 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 07 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 08 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 10 Farmers Daughter 01 Irv Spector - Page 11 …and that’s just the first story in the book!
 Some really wild poses and very lively brushwork, too.

Note from CartoonSnap reader Dave O'Dell:

"It looks like this was a collaboration between Irv Spector and Bill Williams with Williams drawing the female character and Spector everything else. Williams also worked on several other Stanhall books at the same time including Oh, Brother and G.I. Jane."

Thanks, Dave!