Kick Buttowski – Free Premiere Cartoon Episode on iTunes!

Click HERE for FREE First Episode of Kick Buttowski
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil Disney XD
The “secret project” I’ve been a part of for the last year has finally be unveiled! The series is “Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil,” created by Sandro Corsaro with Chris Savino as show runner and guiding light. There are a bunch of great storyboard artists on this show, with most of those board artists writing and drawing. Great stuff by great artists!
It’s a really fun show, with more cartoony action than I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on before.
It’s going to premiere on the Disney XD channel on Feb 13th at 8:30am, but right now the entire first half-hour is a FREE download on iTunes at: Take a look and tell me what you think!
Bonus: Here's one of the short promo videos currently on YouTube

Peach/Peachy Pink Blush - (Comparison photos)

I recently picked a Peach colored blush/highlighter from CARGO Blu-Ray series.

CARGO Peach Blush

CARGO Peach blush is a beautiful, very finely milled Peach colored powder with gold flecks. The color is very light and it didn't show up on me much on its own. It was great as a highlighter over top of my Illamasqua cream blush in Rude.


Few comparisons of Peach/Peachy Pink blushes that I have.

Blushes in Deep Throat, Hot Mama, Fun n Games, Lover

Blushes in Spaced Out, Sunset Beach, Peach, Nuance

I tried to swatch these and take some good pictures, but the camera didn't capture the shades well. I will try again later sometime.

Hope you enjoy the photos....

CARGO Eyelighter in Gold -- Review

This was a totally unexpected buy. As I had mentioned in my past post that I didn’t even knew that this product existed.

CARGO Eyelighter in Gold

What exactly is this eye lighter??

EyeLighter™ simplifies the age-old makeup artist trick of widening and
brightening eyes through white shadow application along the corners and rims of
eyes. Pointed tip applies the matte white shadow to the outer corners of the
eyes, under the brows, and to the lower lash line for instant lift. The rounded
tip applies soft, shimmering white shadow to the inner corners to open and
brighten eyes.

Sponge Tip Applicator for Inner Corner

This is a dual sided eyeshadow, that has sponge tips. It looks like a pen. Firstly I couldn’t figure out as where the eyeshadow was…but then I came to know that the eyeshadows were inside the caps of the applicator. All I need to do is pull the cap off and the sponge tip applicator is saturated with eyeshadow. One side of the pen has matte shadow and is supposed to be used on the outer corner of the eye and highbrow while the other side has shimmery shadow and is used on the inner corner of the eye. The end result is a bright and awake eye. The eyes appear wide when applied in the inner corners and just gives this ultra fine, sexy look.

Sponge Tip Applicator for Outer Corner

Its not something that is unique. I could easily achieve similar look/effect using any of my light, shimmery eye shadows. The only difference I noticed was the texture. The shimmery side is soo finely milled, that the end result is very chic and polished.
I like the fact that the container is very portable and easy to use. The applicator thought I feel should had been a bit more precise. The applicator for the outer corner is ok, but the inner corner one is too wide and if not careful, it deposits a whole lot of product and then there is a shimmery mess which can ruin the whole make-up!

Swatches for CARGO Eyelighter in GOLD

I used my fingers to blend it. I don't think it can be used under the eyes to reduce the apperance of dark circles, as it can be too shiny and shimmery. I tried using very very little amount under my eyes, but then it settled in my fine lines, which was not so flattering.

The color in Gold was a perfect choice as Pink would had never complimented my complexion and white would had been too White.
I would not say it’s a must have product, but it sure is a very good, handy and useful one. At a discounted rate of $10, worth giving a try!!
p.s: I read on Makeup Alley that this gave a lovely effect in photographs, though I have yet to photograph myself wearing this. Also Blake Lively of Gossip Girl usually has similar kind of shimmery eyeshadow in her inner corners. This too was observed by someone else and yessss…. It’s a perfect example!!
Disclaimer: This is my purchase and my personal review.

Felix’s Adventure Gets Spookier! Vintage Comics by Otto Messmer

Felix_The_Cat_ scared of a ghostFelix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 24Some deliciously freaky drawings in this chapter!
Felix_The_Cat_runs from ghostsr
comic book cover Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 01
From Dell Comics Four Color #46, here’s part three of Felix the Cat and the Haunted Tower by the great Otto Messmer
If you missed Part One and Part Two, just click on the images below to get caught up with the story!
Felix the Cat Part One Link Otto Messmer
Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 14

Felix has just escaped from the tower prison by climbing down a magical beanstalk…

…and now we continue with Chapter Three!
Felix_The_Cat_climbs down beanstalk
Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 18
Click on any page for a BIG Felix vintage comic book scan Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 19 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 20 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 21 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 22 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 23 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 24 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 25 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 26 Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 27Felix_The_Cat_and_The_Haunted_Castle_1944 - Page 28
Messmer is just ON FIRE with these pages...clearly drawing at his very best! Such a joy to see such appealing drawing along with super-springy action and dynamic poses ^_^

Click HERE for Part FOUR!
For LOTS more on Otto Messmer
and his Felix the Cat, CLICK the images below…



CARGO at Sephora is having a 50% off sale. I came to know about this last week or so by Sephora mails, but then everything online was sold out. I assumed everything at store must have vanished too. Who would leave a 50% off sale??
I was pleasantly surprised to see some good stuff on my Sephora shelf when I got a chance to visit the store this Sunday.


There was this Blu-Ray lit/gift set. It included a Peach blush, Bronzer, Lipgloss and a Mascara. All for $24.50. It was a good deal because a blu-ray blush itself costs around $28.


I didn't use the Bronzer, but the color looks good to me. It is not too shimmery or Orange. A full review will be definately posted...please give me some time.


I had used a Pink Blush/Highlighter from the same Blu-Ray line before and honestly it worked more of a Highligher for my skin tone. Peach too looks pretty light to me. I will post comparisons of some some peach and pinky peach blushes soon.


This eyelighter is a new product. I had not even heard about it. At store I over heard some girls chatting as how this was a lovely and useful product. They grabbed all the 3 colors. I blindly opted for Gold shade. The white shade looked very much like MAC Vanilla pigment to me. The pink shade was sold out. I used this product only once. Its cool. Easy to use. Just have to clik some pictures and I will talk about this tomorrow, positively!


This Lipgloss was included in the blu-ray kit. It has this unusual funky cap, with some kind of indicator, that tells when the lipgloss is about to get over. I don't know how it exactly works. Yet to read the whole instruction sheet it came!!!


My past experience with CARGO blushes were very good. I own Rome and Sunset Beach. I love them both equally. I think Cargo blushes are comparable to NARS. Amazing pigmentation and staying power. Miami Beach blush was always on my wishlist. At $13/14, I call it a steal!!!!!!


This blu-ray mattifier is my holy grail item in summer. I just love it!! It was part of a kit back when I had bought, but to buy it alone at $28 was little bit too steep. This was perfect time to stock up on. I bought two at $13 each....not bad, right??

You all must be wondering that in this post I didn't had any review or swatches or whats the point of this hurried post??
My main intention was to throw light on the fact that Sephora stores still have some cool CARGO left on their shelf. CARGO brand is not going away from the market. It still will be available at Sephora inside JC Penny and at ULTA. Maybe you all would like something and would want to try it at a little discounted price...well, not so little....its 50% off...

MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush (Review)

We all have seen a huge brush review series by Temptalia. Either ways we get to see everything there...but I thought I would share my observation and feelings about this brush.

MAC 168 SE vs MAC 168 Regular

The Brush Bristles: The bristles are white, made of Goat hair. They are incredibly soft and not at all pokey. The tip is rounded and it is a perfect brush for contouring the cheeks, jaw line, forhead and giving defination to the face. The brush is fluffy enough to cover the large areas for contouring. The fibres are bundled firmly and that just keeps every hair in place.

Note the bristles
The full size brush is handmade and they retail for $32 USD. The handle is black, made of wood and the ferrules are nickel plated made of brass. This is high quality. Even after regular cleaning or water contact the metal does not 'rusts'.
Now, I had a SE MAC 168 brush, which usually comes in Holiday kits anad sets. Those are machine made. Many make-up lover say the quality of SE brushes are not good. I would say that is not the case with this one. (for me personally)
As you can see the SE brush is more fluffy and wide spread than the full size. I personally use 168 brush for contouring the hollows of my cheek and due to the fluffiness of SE 168, it gives me a more flawless and natural blended look, rather than a 'streak'.
I didn't notice much difference in the softness of the bristles either. I would say these two brushes perform the same task for me. For someone who needs to contour the face to give a 'chisled' effect, I guess 168 full size is a better choice. It would not work for contouring nose, as its too big for that job.
MAC brushes though expensive are an investment. I have seen many good quality brushes from various brands. Brushes like MAC 168 are pretty much found in every brand. Its not a unique brush, but a pretty helpful one.

Post-It Doodle Fever Bonanza-Fest 2010


 Shermsketch008Shermsketch004Shermsketch018sergeant castleDoodle-Sherm-Cohen

MAC CCO Goodies - Set 2

This is part two of the CCO goodies I bought. I had some nice positive comments for CCO stuff. I am glad, no one sent me a 'hate' comment saying I 'spend' and hauls are 'show-off' or 'brag post'.

Thank you all 'enjoying' simple hauls!

MAC Brushes in 205 n 168, Dazzleglass in Date Night, Lipliners in Gingerroot,
Sublime Culture.

My CCO has some good brushes. Usually MAC brushes are pretty expensive and buying Face Brushes by paying full price kinda hurts my pocket. So when I saw 168 brush, I picked it as I thought its high time I should build a decent brush collection. I had 168 SE brush and everyone used to say SE brushes are not a great as Full size brushes. I did my little comparison and I will talk about it in detail later this week.
MAC 205 brush is a unique brush. I had never seen anything like this one. I did buy it and its fun to use. Its a Fan brush for mascara...cute and firm...We will discuss brushes later. Colors are fun to share. Tools are essential but!!

Magenta/Pink Lipglosses

I bought a Dazzleglass. Its strange to even think that I never owned a DG before. Especially because I like MAC and own some good products from the brand. Last time I picked one was from CCO and it was this Gold colored one. I think it was called Miss Dynamite.....and hated it. I still have it lying somewhere...This brings me to one question...What to do with un-used, good quality make-up? What do you all do with the make-up you buy on impulse but later don't get much use out of it? Please drop your suggestions in the comment section...Back to our make-up talk...
Miss Dynamite was too gritty on lips and glittery. The glitter chunks were huge and they travelled all around my lips because I have this habit of smacking the lips together often.
Date Night Dazzleglass on the other hand is less gritty, but even here the chunks are pretty much big. I just picked it becasue the glitter chunks were very berry/magenta colored and they looked pretty...They would work well with many of lip stuff I have. I will avoid smacking lips...

Swatches of lipglosses: Fierce n Fabulous, Date Night Dazzleglass, Smashbox
Radiant, MAC Hot Frost, MAC MAgnetique and Buxom Dani

Admiring Dazzleglasses.....

This is a 100% 'show-off' picture and totally unnecessary....I was so impressed by Xinarox's pics of all her Dazzleglasses, Dazzlecremes all together which she had cliked last year, that I just wanted to clik a similar kind of picture. Once the pictures were cliked, I kept admiring all the little tubes and my son thought I was crazy...

MAC Lipliner is Sublime Culture and Gingerroot

I am cheapo when it comes to lipliners. I always find drugstore lipliners work very good. I had heard some make-up artsit use MAC Gingerroot on a celebrity. So at a discounted price I was tempted to try MAC Lipliners. I picked one in Gingerroot and an other one in Sublime Culture.
Well, they are soft and pigmented. They last long, but nothing very unique...I would get similar results using my drugstore lipliners and at drugstore price, I could afford a large variety of colors too. I probably would buy a MAC creamstick liner only if the color is ultra unique.
So, this was my part two of CCO goodies...Like every other make-up junkie, I too get carried away while buying make-up. Honestly, there are very few products that I need, rest all is 'just lemming'....When I come back home after buying stuff, I regret spending on dupes and other stuff...but then I guess we all do the same thing...thats the reason we are here....Beauty!!!