Kitty and Bob – The “Hep” Cats 1946

Kitty and Bob the hep cats cartoon dancing zoot suit vintage funny animal comic book scans cartoon cats cartoon cats 1940's funny animal comics Zoot-suit wearing cartoon cats go to dance cartoon cat bobby sox girls singing to crooner cartoon cats play drums at the dance comic book funny animals
This is the final story from Hi-Ho Comics #1 – the epic H. Chambers psycho-delic funny animal comic book from 1946. If you missed the other tales of fever-dream funny animal frolics, links are below!
HiHo1_01 Hi-Ho Comics Eddie Elephant cartoon comic face Eddie Elephant Percy Pelican Hi Ho Comics H Chambers Percy Pelican
Bertie Bruin cartoon Bear funny animal comic book scan Bertie Bruin Daffy Dragon comic book funny animal H Chambers Daffy Dragon Gravity monster by cartoonist Holly Chambers Lil Chief Hotshot


I am enjoying my Urban Decay NAKED Palette, that I managed to get after a long wait in January 2011. We all have seen gazillion swatches of this palette, so I was not very keen on swatching them all.
My Blog did feel NAKED without the pictures of NAKED Palette. So I decided to click a series of pics and some comparisons with other Neutral Palettes that I own.

A universally flattering palette that features 12 eyeshadows with a distinctly Urban look.
This long, lean, and seductive case comes packed with 12 gorgeous neutrals that work for absolutely everyone. Shades range from delicate champagne to gritty gunmetal, and feature five stunning new shades. A variety of textures, including glitter, shimmer, and matte, ensure that you'll never get bored. This versatile palette can go from office appropriate to a night on the town.

The colors of the shadows are:

Virgin: Nude satin
Sin: Champagne shimmer
Naked: Buff matte
Sidecar: Beige sparkle
Buck: Brown matte
Half Baked: Bronze
Smog: Golden brown shimmer
Darkhorse: Bronze-plum shimmer
Toasted: Taupe-bronze
Hustle: Mocha shimmer
Creep: Near-black metallic
Gunmetal: Dark grey metallic

The palette comes with a mini Primer Potion (original) and it is my Holy Grail eye primer. Its always handy to have a cute, mini bottle of one. Mine came with a dual ended eye liner in Zero and Whiskey. I loved the color Whiskey. Its a fantastic Chocolate brown, with absolutely no Shimmers or Glitter. Personally, I don't like Bourbon liner from Urban Decay much. I hope Urban Decay makes Whiskey in full size in the near future.

The palette will come with a full size eyeshadow Brush from now onwards and the price has increased by few dollars, which is fine too. I mean a full size, quality eyeshadow Brush is always welcome.

The colors in the palette are every Neutral shadow lovers dream. I like almost all the colors. The texture is smooth and no problem with the color pay off, Pigmentation or blending. It can get a bit shimmery at times. A bit over load of shimmer if I dare say.

The packaging though sleek and compact is a bit mess to clean. The velvet packaging gets dirty in the very first week of use itself and its absolutely impossible to clean it. Not a fan of Velvet at all.

Its a nice palette to own, especially if you are a Neutral Eyeshadow lover. Some colors are repeats from other palettes and a few are permanent too. There are very good chances that many cosmetic junkies like us will have repeats.

The very fact that all these full sized, neutral colors are nested in one sleek, Compact palette along with a mini primer potion and a liner duo (now, a brush in new palettes) at a good price are reasons good enough to own one.

I would not prefer paying whopping, insane amounts on ebay or other sites, simply because its a permanent palette and sooner or later will be available more easily.

p.s: Comparison Pictures to follow the next post.

NYX - The Runway Collection Palette

I was having real hard time finding the URBAN DECAY NAKED Palette. So in January, I ended up picking this NYX Palette from their RUNWAY Collection. This Palette is supposed to be good dupe for Naked Palette. I thought as it was not very expensive and had good Neutral Colors, lets give it a try.

The palette is called Champagne and Caviar Palette. It has a set of 10 Neutral shade eyeshadows with some basic highlighter, Lid and Crease color.
I really didn't try the palette for almost 2-3 weeks initially, with the hopes of finding the Naked Palette in new year. I did manage to the palette I wanted, but ended up trying this one anyways..

The colors look very pretty in pan, but unfortunately it did not perform as well as I expected. The NYX Single eye shadows that I have tried in the past were really good, but the colors in this palette were not as amazing as the singles.
With exception of 2 dark colors in second row and one color in first row, most of them had very sheer pay off. They required some good work to actually show up on me.
Some colors were actually chalky and difficult to work with. There was no fall out, except the pinkish color in second row. It was a bit on powdery side.
There were no Sparkles or chunks of glitter, which is actually a good thing for me (personal preference)

The palette has a good mix of textures. Some are shimmery, frosty and some of them are satiny and matte. Its a good thing to have a decent balance of finishes in a palette. It makes any palette more versatile and user friendly.

I really wanted to like the palette, especially because its Neutral, affordable n compact. There is a lovely mirror too. The size of that mirror is decently big and I could actually use the mirror to do my whole eye make-up. I wear glasses, so I need the mirror to be really close to see what all is going on in and around my eye.

I ended up giving the palette to a teenage daughter of my friend (sorry, no swatches). I also ended up buying one for her friend too. This pretty much shows young, teenage girls like this palette a lot. Its absolutely fine palette if you are starting with make up and do not want to shell out loads of money.

p.s: As a blogger, I end up buying many eye shadows from various brands. Most of the time the colors I pick are pretty much similar to each other, as I lean towards neutral shades a lot. This may have made me a bit picky with what I choose. I am by no means a Brand Snob..:)

Storyboard Artist JOBS: DisneyToon Studios Needs Storyboard Artists for Tinkerbell

Just passing along a new job announcement for Storyboard Artists at Walt Disney Animation:

Storyboard Artist 

DisneyToon Studios
is looking for
Storyboard Artists to join the
Tinker Bell production team and other projects at their Glendale, CA studio.

For more info, click HERE

Thank You!!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my update post. This is what I like about Blogging. Everyone cares so much! I honestly know that most of my Blog posts are not of very use. I mean who needs any other blog when we have Temptalia!! Still all of us care to read each others likings and ramblings and comment...:)

I am doing very well now and will resume back to my Blog Ramblings soon. Will start with some past pending posts and then move on to sharing some new hauls and stuff that I picked in past few weeks.

I will see you all around.


Killer Diller and Monty – “The Mad Monks” by H. Chambers 1946

Cartoon monkeys comic book scans H. Chambers Cartoon monkeys comic book scans H. Chambers Cartoon monkeys comic book scans H. Chambers Cartoon monkeys newsboy selling newspapers comic book scans Cartoon monkeys comic book scans bar and grill Cartoon monkeys comic book scans dog police cop jailThe H. Chambers festival continues!  For all of the other insane stories from the first issue of Hi-Ho comics, Click HERE:

To read MORE pre-psychedelic funny-animal comics by H. Chambers, Click on images below…

Eddie Elephant face Eddie The Elephant cartoon funny animal comic book scans
Eddie The Elephant
Percy Pelican Hi Ho Comics H Chambers
Percy Pelican

Bertie Bruin cartoon Bear funny animal comic book scan_cr
Bertie Bruin
Daffy Dragon comic book funny animal H Chambers
Daffy Dragon
Gravity monster by cartoonist Holly Chambers



Lil Chief Hotshot

SpongeBob Comics #1 Cover Art

It’s finally here! Today is the release date for the very first issue of SpongeBob Comics! I’m very proud to say that I drew and painted the cover art for this baby!
SpongeBob Giant Bongo Comics comic book Cover chasing citizens of Bikini Bottom
Here is the original pencil version…SpongeBob Giant Bongo Comics comic book Cover chasing citizens of Bikini Bottom  pencil version Here’s the inked version below:
SpongeBob Giant Bongo Comics comic book Cover chasing citizens of Bikini Bottom Inked in Adobe Illustrator …and finally the fully-painted artwork below. Completely logo-free,
but still with the crop marks and bleed lines and all that jazz.
SpongeBob Giant Bongo Comics comic book Cover chasing citizens of Bikini Bottom Full color ArtRage painted version
In the next few days I’m also gonna be posting the TON of rejected preliminary drawings from this project. There’s a lot of drawings that I really like a lot, but for one reason or another they were all passed over for the version you see above. So come back soon and check ‘em out!
Spongebob reading a comic book riding on a jellyfish And meanwhile,
I hope you’ll all go out to your
local comics shop and pick up a copy of
SpongeBob Comics #1

Easily the best comic book I’ve read in 10 years: “Daytripper” by Moon and Ba

Just finished reading Daytripper by Fabio Moon &Gabriel Ba. Easily the best comic I've read in ten years. Breathtaking.
Remember what it felt like reading the first ten issues of David Lapham's Stray Bullets? Remember the first time you read Dan Clowes' "Caricature" short story or Paul Pope's "Escapo?"

Remember what it was like before our favorite "alt-comics" artists slipped into a cocooned self-caricature and before everybody else stopped creating and just copied those guys? Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s “Daytripper”reminds me of that great feeling. Of actually feeling something when you read a great comic. I drank it up, savored it, soaked in it and I don't want it to ever rub off. But I know it will. And that’s part of what this book’s about.
Fabio Moon Gabriel Ba Daytripper