Man vs. Art – Listen to Me and Raul Yakkin’ about Storyboarding Cartoons and Comics

My second* podcast interview is for the wonderfully brooding and always entertaining Raul Aguirre Jr.’s Man Vs. Art.

Raul Aguirre Jr. has been in the animation biz since 1994, when he was hired as an animator on Disney’s Lion King feature. Since then he has animated on many other Disney features, and has worked on many TV series as storyboard artist and director.
We had a great talk about storyboarding – and I had a chance to spout off on all my favorite artists who have influenced my work!
Raul created a great page of show notes at:
…where you can also listen to or download the podcast. Let me know whatcha think!
*PS: for info on my first podcast interview, see:


PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture, the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every Friday
and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.

MAC Metal Pigment in Rose Gold (Pro)

This is a series which I have been wanting to do since ages!! Finally, it is started... I kind of have Love-Hate Relationship with MAC pigments or any loose shadows for that matter. I find them very messy to work, to store or to travel with. For the longest time, I didn't even bother to swatch these at store, let alone buy any.

On one of my trips to MAC at Mall of America in Minneapolis, this lovely MUA named Amanda offered me Pigment samples because I had purchased a lot of stuff and she gave me like 7-8 pigment samples in 5 gm jars all filled to brim!! I will always love Amanda for this, because that started my relationship with this product and I so miss my Amanda, because here my MAC never gives any samples....SUCKS!!

Rose Gold (with Flash)

A pigment series should ideally begin with a multi-purpose Pigment like Vanilla, but I wanted to start it with my most favorite, most loved and most used pigment - ROSE GOLD.
I love this one because I look pretty when I apply it....simple!!!

Without Flash

Rose Gold is a Pro Pigment, which means it is available only at MAC Pro Stores and can be ordered by Phone. You need not be a pro member to buy any of pro products. I am glad at least this is not a Limited Edition one, but still I have a back never know when MAC goes MAD and discontinues it.

Its a metal pigment, which means its very, very finely milled and has this metallic finish to it. Its pretty heavy in weight too. The application is fantastic, which means practically no fall out (unless you accidently knock the jar off).
I like to pat the color with a stiff shader brush like MAC 242 and then swipe it all over. If used wet, with a mixing medium or Fix Plus, it gives a lovely, foiled effect. Many Pigments are not safe to use around eye and lip area. I believe this is one of them, though I have to check the pro website again. I use it carefully on my eye lids anyways...

Swatch of MAC Metal Pigment in Rose Gold

The color is Tarnished Gold, with some hint of Rose. This rose color is not at all visible on eyelids, but in the jar it looks like it has some rosy'ness' to it in certain angles and lighting.

Comparison between two Rose Gold colors

I have a Metallic creme eyeshadow by Laura Mercier which goes by the name Rose Gold. It sure is pretty similar to the name.

Ways I use MAC Rose Gold Pigment

1. All by itself, over the lid and then a black liner or a brown liner on my lash line, waterline and loads of Mascara.

2. Use it Over Indianwood Paint Pot or Brassy Fluidline and use Bronzy, Maroon or Browns with Reddish undertones in crease and outer corner, depending on the occassion as to how dramatic I would want it.

3. I also like to pair it with some other Golds by MAC like Blond's Gold or Gold Mode in the inner half of lid, with just hint of Chocolate Brown Pigment or Fez by NARS.

This color works beautifully for anyone with warm and yellow skintones. It goes well with many of my Gold Jewelry and warm outfits. Now the above combinations are not the most original ideas. I have seen people using similar kind of combinations and I just follow them.

I would like to know some more ideas to wear this color from you all. Also any of the similar colors you own, from any brand...because I am a sucker for Golds!!!

Hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy putting them together. Would try to add a picture of how they look on my eyes from next time (if I could get the picture right).

BENEFIT - HIGH BEAM - (Review/Swatch)

BENEFIT: Highbeam

A luminescent complexion enhancer. Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid
highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion. For an angelic sheen, this
pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow. It's a "supermodel in a
bottle…" and perfectly alluring on all skin tones

The applicator

This is a liquid product and is meant to highlight, provide a luminous glow and sheen to whereever its applied. This comes in a glass bottle that has an applicator like nail polish brush. The liquid itself is slightly pink in color and has a typical body lotion consistency. Its pretty light weight on application.

This can be mixed with lotion or foundation to provide a glowing, dewy look. The shimmers are not chunky or glittery, which is great because it does not ends you looking like a disco ball or a glittery mess. The end result is a soft, classy and elegant sheen. It does not accentuates pores or looks fake. The end result is lovely!

Even though it has a pink tint, it does not becomes pink or leaves a white cast unlike many highlighters, though I have not seen this on anyone around NC5O, so don't quote me on that one...but over all it still covers are wide range of skintones. In my family itself people from NC20 to NC40 have rocked it!

Benefit Highbeam Swatch

Its easy to blend, but if left for long, it can just 'sit' there and inturn difficult to move around. I usually dot it with the applicator, then blend with the fingers. I would love to use 188 for this, but I don;t own one. Recently in one of my post a fellowblogger Ashwini suggested that she used wedge sponge for applying Strobe liquid lotion. I think I would try that sponge with this product too.

One challenge though I found was to blend this product over powder products. I mean, when I apply MSF Natural and powder blushes, this can be a bit difficult to work with.


The light reflecting particles in the product helps in hiding the minor imperfections and it really gives a soft glow and elegant sheen. I love this product (the color) more than Moonbeam. This blends in so seamlessly, that it does not feels as if you are wearing anything on your face. The glowing skin is from within.

Its a fantastic product, IF USED CORRECTLY....You can try mini size of this product, which comes in a $10 kit along with 3 more other mini products from Benefit to try.

Disclaimer: These are my personal experience with the product. This is not a paid reveiw and the product is not sponsered aswell.

SpongeBob Hangover

storyboard drawing of SpongeBob wearing straw hat angry at Mr Krabs
A few fun storyboard panels from
“The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie.”
storyboard drawing of SpongeBob wakes up from an ice cream bender
I usually just made black and white xeroxes of my boards,
but I liked the way the colors looked on these, so I scanned 'em in color.storyboard drawing - SpongeBob has a hangover walks into the Krusty Krab
In case you haven’t seen the movie, SpongeBob goes on an ice cream bender after getting passed over for a promotion at the Krusty Krab. When he wakes up the next morning, he’s pretty ornery!
SpongeBob is angry at Mr Krabs storyboard drawing
Aaron Springer did the original rough sketches for this scene, so I had some great art to start with!

Animation JOBS: Character Designers, BG Painters wanted on Tinkerbell

Once again, there is a new job announcement for cartoonists and animation-types. The following announcement is copy-and-pasted from the TAG Job line announcement

DisneyToon Studios is looking for Character Designers and BG Painters for the TinkerBell franchise.

To apply: go to and upload portfolio there- once you have created a profile and uploaded your work email Alison Mann at:

alison (dot) mann (at) she can review their work. Links to websites are preferable.

MAC 116 Brush and 165 Brush (Review)


'Tool Talk' is a fancy name for posts where I would talk about Beauty Tools,
Hair Tools or for that matter any 'Tool' that we 'humans' use to groom ourselves
and make life easier and prettier!

MAC 165 Brush

TOOL TOPIC: MAC 165 Tapered Cheek and Highlighter Brush

This is a Limited Edition Face Brush released by MAC and it is designed to applying Highlighter.
Its aptly named as Tapered Cheek and Highlighter Brush.

This one is a natural bristle brush and is very soft like most of the MAC Brushes. The shape is decently tapered at the end and it is dense enough to pick the needed amount of color and deposit it perfectly on to the areas needed. I like to use it for highlighting cheek bones. The brush blends in the product nicely too.

MAC 116 Brush

TOOL TOPIC: MAC 116 Blush Brush

MAC 116 is a Brush with Natural hair and it is very soft. The tip is rounded and the bristles are firmly packed at the furules. Its a dense brush and is designed to apply Blush on the cheeks and Highlighting aswell. This is smaller than 129 Blush Brush and hence can be used for applying blush on smaller cheeks. Its a dense brush, so it kind of picks more color, which can be risky with bright, pigmented colors. It blends well, but I would prefer a fluffier one like 129 for the cheeks. I personally have been using this 116 to highlight areas on my face.

Comparison: 165 and 116

Now, when the 165 Brush was released last year, I was totally not interested in it. The reasons were multiple. Firstly I was under impression that it would be pretty similar in performing the task just like my MAC 116 and secondly at a whopping price for $34....NEVER!!!

I did get it at my CCO for $25, which again is a lot, but then at CCO you always have a mindset that things are discounted. I just bought it for the sake of buying...

The Bristles

I must admit, I was totally wrong with my thoughts about this brush. The thing with Highlighting and Contouring is, you need to be careful. A little wrong placement of shimmer on face and you end up looking weird, greay, disco-ball or whatever you want to call..but in general you end up looking like mess.

Bristles from certain angle

When I used to use my 116 for highlighting my cheek bones, I had to be very very careful, so as not to deposit the shimmery highlighter on cheek or anywhere else, other than the cheek bone. It used to be difficult because I have a small face and in turn a small cheek...let alone the smaller cheek bones....

Make-up application has become more precise and fine after I started using this 165 Brush. Now the shimmers don't travel to my cheeks and my pores are not visible!! It can be great to contour aswell, but I have not tried that part much. I don't say its important to buy MAC 165, but any brush from any brand that has this kind of tappered shape should do the trick.

I would really like to know what tool you all use to apply your highlighter on cheek bones....

Disclaimer: I am not paid to reveiw this nor anyone has sponsered these products. This has been purchased by me.



Did you all know about this? I just read it on
They say its Smudge Pots in stick form...which sounds great!!

Stila Smudge Sticks will be available in 8 waterproof shades:

Stingray - Black
Lionfish - Brown w/ Shimmer
Purple Tang - Purple w/ Shimmer
Moray - Olive w/ Shimmer
Koi - Metallic Gold
Silver Dollar - Metallic Silver
Peacock - Cobalt Blue
Blue Ribbon - Navy Grey

That Green and Purple one is cool....Did you all knew about this....I wonder how I missed out on such nice product....

The Unhappy Castle by Ken Hultgren

The Unhappy Castle from Ha Ha Comics #56
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 25
by Ken Hultgren, an animator who worked on Disney classics 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' and 'Bambi.'
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 26
Ken Hultgren went on to draw comics throughout the 40s 50s and 60s…from the ACG funny animal titles to the Mickey Mouse comic strip, and even Flintstones and Archie Comics.
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 27
Ken Hultgren remained an animator all during this time, and continued until his death in 1968.
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 28 
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 29
Click on any image for a BIG comic book scan!
Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 30 Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 31 Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 32 Ha Ha Comics #56 - Page 33
His work lives on in the classic drawing book,The Art of Animal Drawing,” which has been in print since 1951. Great book, by the way.
Ken Hultgren How to Draw Animals book

More Ken Hultgren goodies HERE:


Goodies from the CCO

I went to CCO after long long time. They had tons of stuff, but this time I was not super excited about anything. I think it happens when you a kind of have a little more than needed product from same brand.

MAC Paint Pot, Copperplate Eyeshadow, Cosmo Lipstick, Lip Conditioner

I picked stuff for the sake of picking...I mean I drove almost an hour at the outlet malls and them coming back without buying anything from CCO...didn't sound good....

MAC Soft Ochre p/p, Benefit Creasless Creme shadows in Honey Bunny, Recess

I picked a Soft Ochre Paint pot just because it was discounted. I knew it is pretty much similar to my Benefit Creaseless creme shadow in Recess. Even though the shade of Recess is lighter, all of these essentially do the same job of providing a matte base. I find Benefit shadows more soft and less drying in comparison to MAC Paint Pots. As Benefit shadows don't crease on me, I would stick to tem. Also, these shadows I got for $5 each during the Holidays...So thats a cheaper bet..
For all you wondering, why have I not even touched any of these products?? Well, I am desperately trying to finish up my Shadestick in Shimmersand and Beiging.....

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

Cosmo is a amplified finish, which means its going to be highly pigmented and soft. I found its pretty similar to NARS Dolce vita, which I have yet to use and review.

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

Haven't used Cosmo either, because its a permanent lipstick and I have many B2M empties lying. I picked it at store because it was pretty.. I might swap it or gift it...not decided...

MAC Brushes in 249, 165, 224, 217, 272

CCOs are the best place to buy MAC brushes. You get some discount and thats a relief!
I picked 224 and 217 as back-ups. 272 is just an easy brush to use. Its a great brush for beginner or for someone like me who is not expert when it comes to eye make-up. 249 is just a flat brush.
The best of the whole lot is 165 brush. I would never stress on many things as must haves or you need to have it...but this one brush, is a great one. It needs a whole post...
When this was first released, I thought 116 brush would do the same job for me, like placing highlighter and stuff...but I was so wrong!!! This IS the brush for highlighter. Its is perfectly sized and tappered to place on colors at exactly needed spot...I told ya...this needs a full fledged reveiw.

Clinique and Origins products

The Clinique Scrub is a good one and I have reviewed it in the past. I needed a full size. Origins Eye serum works best for me. I have tried many many eye care stuff, but I found for DARK CIRCLES this works best for me. Its a bit pricey, so I was glad it was there at the CCO. This eye serum is a part of my night time routine, as it stings badly if accidently goes into the eye.

This is a pretty incomplete post. I would review the brushes, but I am not sure about the paint pot and Cosmo swatches, as I am not sure if I am going to keep this.


Pic credit: Sourav

Good morning to all of you who read this in the morning....

My Monday Morning is becoming Monday Afternoon...The family is running late by an Hour!!!
I should end my Sunday bit normally from next week...Anyways, last week was fun n cool...Had been to Longwood Gardens on Saturday...its a lovely place, well...its just a garden...but lovely.

On my way back, I happened to visit a mall (obvioulsy, I just can't see the flower collection and be happy...need to have my dose of make-up!). The new MAC collection is out and I am sure you all are enjoying it...I didn't buy anything, but I did post swatches for you all. I believe you must have read that post...

Lately I have been watching these 'Fashion' videos a lot on You Tube...getting!!! Also XINAROX's organised make-up collection is giving me sleepless nights to arrange my own in a lovely vanity....she has awesome collection....

I am rambling a lot...asusual! Wish you all have a fantastic week ahead and I will be seeing you around...


How to Breathe Life into Your Artwork

Recently, I've had the pleasure of being a guest on a couple really cool podcasts. The first one is called The Idiot Engine, a very in-depth examination of creating comics, the philosophy of art, and self-publishing. My old pal Ted Seko has been hosting this show for quite a while, and it always makes for great listening.
The Idiot Engine by Ted Seko The topic of this show is, "how to breathe life into your artwork."

Ted and I talk about all the things that have worked for us during the course of our cartooning careers.

I guess this is pretty normal for podcasts, but the conversation steers off-topic a number of times for some interesting rabbit trails into the minds of the couple of guys that draw to live and live to draw.

MAC - PRET A PAPIER (Swatches/Thoughts)

I saw the MAC Pret -A- Papier collection today. Its a very wearable collection and I would prefer to call it Coral collection, because majority of the stuff was coral, summery kinds....and I am a Mauve person...

Kraft, Dressmaker, Dressmaker and Archetype Lipstick,
Fold and Tuck, Pret-A-Papier Lipglasses and Coral Crepe Paint Pot

Coral Crepe Paint Pot and Chromagraphic Pencils were kind of Unique. The paint pot is not similar to any of the shadesticks or paint pots I believe, but I think Make up Forever and some other brands have Coral bases. Its a nice color, but I didn't see myself using it often. So I didn't pick

Lipsticks were nice too. Archetype was least I found it ugly...Dressmaker, Dressmaker (yes, its twice...I dunno why??) reminded me of Ravishing lipstick and I look worse with Ravishing on, so obviously I said no-no. Made to Order was pretty and I thought of picking that up with my B2M empties, but I was not sure how it would look and B2M stuff cannot be returned... Kraft lipstick was like milk chocolate.. It was pretty.

Lipglosses were very pigmented and Opaque. I do need a coral Lipgloss, but a coral that would look nice on me...(sheer confusion, I know). C-thru is a permanent lipgloss, nothing spectacular...just C-thru...

Made to Order Lipstick, Eyeshadows in Tissue Weight, Cut to Fit, Gazzete Grey,
and Memorabilia, Chromagraphic Pencil in 2 shades

Eyeshadows were pretty, nothing must haves IMO. Cut to Fit was very similar to Antiqued eyeshadow, Bamboo is Permanent. Gazzete Grey looked pretty with silverish sparkle, but I guess MAC has nice greys in their permanent line.

Swatches of Products from Pret a Papier Collection

Chromagraphic Pencils were nice. I liked the one with yellow undertones in it. For some reason I thought they might be same as Topaz from Stila. I wanted that one, but my intution said they will hit CCO....I didn't hurry in buying anything. Would love to try these pencils though.
Blushes were very wearable. Instant Chic reminded me of Pinkier Melba and Garb just a lighter, warm summery color, on the lines of Gingerly. At least to my eyes they seemed dupable and not so unique. Maybe as more swatches hit the net, I might want them more.
Nail Polishes were ok. I hardly buy MAC Nail polishes, infact I have picked only 'On the Prowl' till date. I think China Glaze, Essie, OPI are masters when it comes to nail colors...
Overall a lovely collection and for someone who loves coral, its all smiles.....
P.S: I ended up buying Bobbi Brown Corrector out for a review...:)

Some of my SpongeBob Comics – Super Suspicion

SpongeBob dressed as Mermaid Man
Here’s a SpongeBob comic book story I did for Nickelodeon Magazine back in ought-two. This was done during the break between the end of SpongeBob’s 3rd season and before production started on the Movie.
SpongeBob and Patrick playing and making noise
It was fun ‘cause I finally had a chance to get back to my comic book roots, and reach a huge audience, too.
Story, pencils and lettering by me,
inked by Vince Deporter, coloring by Digital Chameleon.
SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Anyway, just click on any image to open up a HUGE high-resolution comic page.
SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
I’m not sure why, but I’ve never posted any of my Nick Mag comics before. Oh, wait…I remember why. I was still freelancing for Nickelodeon Magazine and I didn’t wanna make  them mad. But last December the magazine shut its doors, so here they are.
SpongeBob_Comics_SpongeBob and Patrick dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
^ That was a fun panel to draw!
Squidward calls police on SpongeBob and Pat dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Squidward points out Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in police line-up SpongeBob_Comics_Sherm_Cohen_08z
I’m always fond of bookending the opening and closing panels
(or scenes in a cartoon)
A lot of these comics were collected
into book form: Comic Crazy!
SpongeBob Comic Crazy book
Click HERE to see more on the book
Wanna see more of these SpongeBob comics stories? I’ll post some more if you let me know in the comments. Talk to you soon! --Sherm