Hello my dear friends,

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and the lovely Easter Sunday with Friends and Family.
We had a lovely Weekend too. I saw the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival at the Washington DC. It was Beautiful!!! The above pic is just a lovely one from the net...:)

MAC released Grease Paint Sticks, which I was pretty excited about. Then as the swatches started to pop all over the net, I thought I have dupable colors in form of shadesticks, paint pots or Creaseless creme shadows. I am lemming 2 colors badly, but I am so confused....

I might get a chance to see the collection in person next week, maybe if I find something unique, I will pick... Also, I have some jewelry and bags on my wishlist. I am thinking of going on a no make-up buy for a month or something like that. I really need to cut down on buying make-up. I guess many of us think like this, but its hard not to buy make-up...Lets see how I do.

I thought telling you all would help, so whenever you see a Beauty Post this month, you will comment reminding me, that I am cheating!!
Well enough of rambling....I will be meeting you all here with some reviews this week..

Have a wonderful week....


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