Let me first begin by saying that I don't have any of the MAC Greasepaint sticks as of now. Whatever I write in this post is what I thought of the product when I swatched in store and my general impression with them.

MAC - GREASEPAINT STICK Skinny Jeans, Dirty, Uniformly Blue, Below Ground,
Relaxed, Gentle Lentil, Greengrease, Charred Mauve, Zinc Zone, Indianwood P/P

MAC released GREASEPAINT Sticks, which resemble Shadesticks in terms of packaging. This is meant to be used on the eye.

A smooth and creamy black eye crayon with an opalescent sparkle finish
specially formulated for maximum drama. Easily provides ultra-high-level
coverage. Versatile. Use as a soft but intense liner or blend out to create a
smoke-like shadow. Long-wearing. Transfer and water-resistant.

There are 8 shades and most of them are black based or dark colors, apt for smokey eye looks.
These have been released in the past aswell, but I don't even own anything from that collection too.

The colors are:

Zinc Zone - Dark gunmetal
Greengrease - Blackened forest
Slick Black - True carbon
Charred Mauve - Blackened Violet
Brown, Now - Blackened burgundy
Below Ground - Blackened bronze
Uniformly Blue - Blackened Navy
Dirty - Blackened Taupe with Pearl

Swatches of MAC Greasepaint Stick

When I first read about the collection when it started to flash all over the internet, my first reaction was, 'everything is so black base'...'I don't need all'...
After seeing few swatches on the web again, I saw myself graviating towards 'Dirty' and 'Below Ground'. I usually get attracted to bronzey, gold and taupey colors.
I was under impression that Below Ground would be similar to shadesticks and Indianwood paint pot that I have and Dirty would be close to Benefit's Skinny Jeans Creasless cream shadow. So the other day in store, I swatched whatever was available on display and when I came home, I swatched the colors that 'I thought were similar' next to it....but they are NOT!!!

I would say Below ground would work almost same as Relaxed shadestick on eyes, if used as base. Either ways the shadow to go over it would do half the job. Below Ground has more of bronziness/metallic feel to it.

Dirty is totally different and its gorgeous color!!! Its dead similar to Smoke n Diamond eyeshadow colorwise, but they are totally different products!!

I don't know if these would crease or not, but I definately can say, they are long lasting and don't budge or fade. The swatches above are store swatches and I came home after 2 hours to add the comparison swatches and you can see for yourself, nothing has faded...absolutely Nothing!!
The texture is very creamy and the product did have some sort of funky smell...not annoying, but not pleasant either. It had this typical oily smell...I don't know how to describe it.

The product has a sharpner below, but I tell you its so messy to sharpen a creamy product!! I had 2 lipstick pencils, which my friend had gifted me. It was from Singapore and it was pain in *** to sharpen them...totally messy and gross!! I don't know how good these sharpners are though, but I am not a fan of this concept in general.

These retail for USD 17.50 and are Limited Edition product. I am badly lemming 'Dirty'.....

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