Goodies from the CCO

I went to CCO after long long time. They had tons of stuff, but this time I was not super excited about anything. I think it happens when you a kind of have a little more than needed product from same brand.

MAC Paint Pot, Copperplate Eyeshadow, Cosmo Lipstick, Lip Conditioner

I picked stuff for the sake of picking...I mean I drove almost an hour at the outlet malls and them coming back without buying anything from CCO...didn't sound good....

MAC Soft Ochre p/p, Benefit Creasless Creme shadows in Honey Bunny, Recess

I picked a Soft Ochre Paint pot just because it was discounted. I knew it is pretty much similar to my Benefit Creaseless creme shadow in Recess. Even though the shade of Recess is lighter, all of these essentially do the same job of providing a matte base. I find Benefit shadows more soft and less drying in comparison to MAC Paint Pots. As Benefit shadows don't crease on me, I would stick to tem. Also, these shadows I got for $5 each during the Holidays...So thats a cheaper bet..
For all you wondering, why have I not even touched any of these products?? Well, I am desperately trying to finish up my Shadestick in Shimmersand and Beiging.....

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

Cosmo is a amplified finish, which means its going to be highly pigmented and soft. I found its pretty similar to NARS Dolce vita, which I have yet to use and review.

MAC Cosmo and NARS Dolce Vita

Haven't used Cosmo either, because its a permanent lipstick and I have many B2M empties lying. I picked it at store because it was pretty.. I might swap it or gift it...not decided...

MAC Brushes in 249, 165, 224, 217, 272

CCOs are the best place to buy MAC brushes. You get some discount and thats a relief!
I picked 224 and 217 as back-ups. 272 is just an easy brush to use. Its a great brush for beginner or for someone like me who is not expert when it comes to eye make-up. 249 is just a flat brush.
The best of the whole lot is 165 brush. I would never stress on many things as must haves or you need to have it...but this one brush, is a great one. It needs a whole post...
When this was first released, I thought 116 brush would do the same job for me, like placing highlighter and stuff...but I was so wrong!!! This IS the brush for highlighter. Its is perfectly sized and tappered to place on colors at exactly needed spot...I told ya...this needs a full fledged reveiw.

Clinique and Origins products

The Clinique Scrub is a good one and I have reviewed it in the past. I needed a full size. Origins Eye serum works best for me. I have tried many many eye care stuff, but I found for DARK CIRCLES this works best for me. Its a bit pricey, so I was glad it was there at the CCO. This eye serum is a part of my night time routine, as it stings badly if accidently goes into the eye.

This is a pretty incomplete post. I would review the brushes, but I am not sure about the paint pot and Cosmo swatches, as I am not sure if I am going to keep this.

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