PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture, the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every Friday
and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.

MAC Metal Pigment in Rose Gold (Pro)

This is a series which I have been wanting to do since ages!! Finally, it is started... I kind of have Love-Hate Relationship with MAC pigments or any loose shadows for that matter. I find them very messy to work, to store or to travel with. For the longest time, I didn't even bother to swatch these at store, let alone buy any.

On one of my trips to MAC at Mall of America in Minneapolis, this lovely MUA named Amanda offered me Pigment samples because I had purchased a lot of stuff and she gave me like 7-8 pigment samples in 5 gm jars all filled to brim!! I will always love Amanda for this, because that started my relationship with this product and I so miss my Amanda, because here my MAC never gives any samples....SUCKS!!

Rose Gold (with Flash)

A pigment series should ideally begin with a multi-purpose Pigment like Vanilla, but I wanted to start it with my most favorite, most loved and most used pigment - ROSE GOLD.
I love this one because I look pretty when I apply it....simple!!!

Without Flash

Rose Gold is a Pro Pigment, which means it is available only at MAC Pro Stores and can be ordered by Phone. You need not be a pro member to buy any of pro products. I am glad at least this is not a Limited Edition one, but still I have a back up...you never know when MAC goes MAD and discontinues it.

Its a metal pigment, which means its very, very finely milled and has this metallic finish to it. Its pretty heavy in weight too. The application is fantastic, which means practically no fall out (unless you accidently knock the jar off).
I like to pat the color with a stiff shader brush like MAC 242 and then swipe it all over. If used wet, with a mixing medium or Fix Plus, it gives a lovely, foiled effect. Many Pigments are not safe to use around eye and lip area. I believe this is one of them, though I have to check the pro website again. I use it carefully on my eye lids anyways...

Swatch of MAC Metal Pigment in Rose Gold

The color is Tarnished Gold, with some hint of Rose. This rose color is not at all visible on eyelids, but in the jar it looks like it has some rosy'ness' to it in certain angles and lighting.

Comparison between two Rose Gold colors

I have a Metallic creme eyeshadow by Laura Mercier which goes by the name Rose Gold. It sure is pretty similar to the name.

Ways I use MAC Rose Gold Pigment

1. All by itself, over the lid and then a black liner or a brown liner on my lash line, waterline and loads of Mascara.

2. Use it Over Indianwood Paint Pot or Brassy Fluidline and use Bronzy, Maroon or Browns with Reddish undertones in crease and outer corner, depending on the occassion as to how dramatic I would want it.

3. I also like to pair it with some other Golds by MAC like Blond's Gold or Gold Mode in the inner half of lid, with just hint of Chocolate Brown Pigment or Fez by NARS.

This color works beautifully for anyone with warm and yellow skintones. It goes well with many of my Gold Jewelry and warm outfits. Now the above combinations are not the most original ideas. I have seen people using similar kind of combinations and I just follow them.

I would like to know some more ideas to wear this color from you all. Also any of the similar colors you own, from any brand...because I am a sucker for Golds!!!

Hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy putting them together. Would try to add a picture of how they look on my eyes from next time (if I could get the picture right).

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