Haulage is Knowledge...CCO!!!!


Blush in True Romantic

True Romantic

Lollipop loving Lipstick

PIGMENTS: Gold Mode, Gold Stroke, Circa Plum

Love CCO...Love MAC...Love Hauling!!!!
Its funny, how makeup and shopping addiction can be...i mean, its freakin cold here...almost arctic temperatures at the place i live...
The newspapers say "dangerously cold, cold enough to freeze human flesh"...and i had already started feeling "something missing" because of not being able to go to CCO....So today as the temperatures were decent...i took the opportunity n rushed to my local CCO...

Unfortunately, nothing much caught my interest...though i still managed to pick a few stuff...

Beauty powder blush in True romantic
Heatherette Lipstick in lollipop loving (super pretty!!)
Pigments in Gold stroke, Gold mode and Circa plum (my new found LOVE- PIGMENT)

OMG...these are freakin amazing!!!!

I Married a Man Without a Face!

wedding ring breaks in two Jack Kirby secret world of your dreams

A charming two-page nightmare from Jack Kirby's "The Secret World of Your Dreams" #2 --

Comic Book Dream Analyst Richard Temple tackles this curious case purportedly submitted by avid comic book reader Ellen K. of Massachusetts...

Secret World of Your Dreams bride marries a faceless groom

Click on the images for a nice BIG comic book scan

 Jack Kirby Secret World of your dreams man without a face chases bride

Take a good look at your heart, Ellen.
I think you'll find the answer to your dream hidden there!


Swatches of various eyeshadow from the night series

I have always been lemming over NARS single eyeshadow. Especially the NIGHT SERIES. Its kinda become a bad habit…I go to sephora, swatch the night series eyeshadows and then come back home….empty handed!!! Then I start doing my little ‘research’ on internet, blogs…read reviews on makeup alley…blah..blah..blah…
I always found contrasting reviews for the night series eye shadow. Some love it to death, some hate it from the bottom of their heart.kFor some it their best investment and some call it “waste of money”.
Now, knowing the NARS steep prices, its kinda difficult to just buy them for the sake of trying…I mean what if I don’t like it?? Though Sephora has great return policies, but personally I don’t like returning makeup…or rather I feel I should have reason strong enough to return a product…like allergy or something…but not just because I don’t like the color…anywho, back to night series…
The one line that always confuses me and stops me from buying these night series babies are “they all look black”…now I always wonder what am I going to do with soo many “black” eyeshadows??

Currently there are 11 eyeshadows in Night series.

Night Breed - Black with Silver glitter
Night Porter - Black with Green pearls
Night Clubbing - Black with gold pearls
Night Flight - Black with cobalt blue pearls
Night Fever - Black with reddish purple pearls
Night Snowy - White with super chunky white glitter
Night Fairy - Violet with gold pearls
Night Star - Peach with gold pearls
Night Rider - lilac/plum with silver pearls
Night Sun - Bright marigold with gold particles
Night Life - Silver with silver particles

Recently I stumbled upon this blog and it had some nice swatches and good description as how to use these eye shadows to get maximum true colour as in the pot.

Hope you find these helpful…and if you have tried any of these eye shadows please let me know
your opinions/suggestions in comments. Special thanks to cosmetic candy for the swatches.

pic courtesy: http://www.cosmetic-candy.com/


Crapy pic :(

Eye serum (this works!!!)

Just passing through ORIGINS...thought would pick some stuff...

i had recieved a sample size under eye serum from Dr. Weil Plantidote series. I had liked the product a lot, but didn't buy a full size because i wanted to finish the under eye product i was using earlier..yeah, its bad to waste products, by just tossing them off...i kinda tend to use them up...if i get allergy or something like that then its a different story..i have no option but to yeah, throw them or give them away if anyone wants...okk, m getting side tracked...

So, i picked this eye serum in full size and a hair care product aswell.
This hair care thing has such a lovely smell!!!! Though its a little sticky in texture or should i say little thick in texture...but a dime size amount is good enough to style/tame my hair.
A little goes a long way...soo small amount is needed!!!

I always suggest to go and try sample size products like under eye creams and gel and see what works. The eye creams samples are usually enough to last for 10 days and i think its enough time to notice a little difference....and judge if its worth spending the moolah!!!!

Jack Kirby's Nightmare Whisperer meets "The Girl in the Grave!"

The Strange World of Your Dreams cover #2

From 1952's The Secret World of Your Dreams #2 comes another case from the files of Jack Kirby's very own psychoanalytic dream detective, Richard Temple. This time he meets a drowning girl in a local diner...

The Girl in The Grave Strange World of Your Dreams 02 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby splash panel

This girl's up to her neck in trouble!

 The Girl in The Grave woman dreams of drowning nightmare psychoanalysis comics by Jack Kirby

Hanging out in spooky graveyards..

The Girl in The Grave sleepwalking woman in a graveyard nightmare psychoanalysis comics by Jack Kirby

(Don't be scared...there's a happy ending!)

Here's the whole sordid tale:

The Secret World of Your Dreams 03

Click on any comic page to open up
a nice BIG hi-res comic book scan!

The Secret World of Your Dreams 04 The Secret World of Your Dreams 05

The Secret World of Your Dreams 06 The Secret World of Your Dreams 07

See? I told you there was a happy ending!

Girl in The Grave woman kisses man in a diner nightmare psychoanalysis comics by Jack Kirby

Here's a bonus dream from the readers:

The Secret World of Your Dreams 08

The Secret World of Your Dreams 09

Pleasant dreams....


Available: North America, June 11, 2009. International, July 2009.
Collection Information:

Lipglass ($14.00 US/$16.50 CDN)

1. She’s a Star -Light neutral gold
2. Queen Bee - Mid-tone apricot with multi-dimensional pearl
3. Buzz -Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

Eyeshadow ($14.50 US/$17.00 CDN)

1. Crème de Miel Frosty light yellow gold
2. Pollinator Mid-tone warm reddened peach w/ pearl
3. Buckwheat Dark copper brown w/ multi-dimensional pearl

High-Light Powder ($24.50 US/$29.50 CDN)
A high -light powder specially created for the Naked Honey Collection . Features an embossed honeycomb pattern . Super fine, impeccably pearlized , it creates so ft high lights. On cheek , brow , shoulders – anywhere on the body .

1. Honey Light A light peachy gold with shimmer
2. Golden Nectar Muted golden tan with gold shimmer

Naked Honey Skin Salve ($18.50 US/$22.50 CDN)
Formulated from honey , organic beeswax, sun flower oil and other natural ingredients , this rich honey –scented and flavoured salve instantly moisturizes and helps recondition dry skin . Multi -purpose . Use everywhere .
Naked Honey Hand And Body Cream ($22.50 US/$27.00 CDN)
A sensuous cream made fro m bio-converted honey , shea butter , and vitamins c and e derivatives . Absorbs quickly for skin -softening moisture . Conditions , nourishes , protects . Use on all areas where ultra -moisture is called for .

Naked Honey Body Wash ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)
Formulated fro m bio -converted honey, this body wash cleanses the skin while pro viding the soothing and moisturizing benefits of lavender , narcissus , jasmine flower and blue agave extracts . Pro vides a sensual, calming , cleansing experience .
Creations: Naked Honey ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)
An aromatic journey that traces honey ’s fragrant heart back to summer ’s sweetest blooms. Energy starts to buzz, spirits soar, light flora l and woodsy notes float toward an electric finale. Sweet and sexy all the way.

Creations: Africanimal ($22.50 US/$28.50 CDN)
A scent that starts with a honey-ness that ’s seductive and given its dash of pepper , not without spice . Add a dark kiss of bergamot and wood , and an aromatic orgy breaks out to create a scent that ’s all-honey, but far from sweet .
Special thanks to temptalia.com for the full details.

Source: Temptalia

My kinda looks....

These gorgeous models, actors have some lovely eye makeup on. I usually tend to graviate towards such looks. As a result i have more of neutral, warm, earthy eyeshadows in my palatte.
Working on swatches as well as palatte pictures...i m still trying to figure out best lighting for swatches...Lovlies who are NC 37-40, especially with olive/yellow undertones may find these looks appealing.
I love colours too..but i tend to restrict them for more party, more fun occassions..:)

Enjoy the pics and get some inspiration to play around with your makeup stash...:)
Have fun!!!

PIC courtesy: websites/internet

Removing the makeup

Neutrogena Oil-free eye makeup

Its very very very important to remove makeup before retiring to bed. I can't stress much the importance of this ritual. Makeup products have tons of chemicals in them and its very necessary to remove every trace of it, before applying new coats.
At times i get lazy at night to remove my makeup, especially eye makeup. Eyeliners, macaras, eyeshadow...wooops!!! it can't get worst...

I use Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. At times i also use Johnson's baby oil. The Neutrogena thing is oil free, but then if kept still something separates....i mean like water and oil...i have to shake it gently before using. Now if this is not oil, i mean if its oil free then why is it immiscible?? what is that "thing"....anywho, i use a Kandoo wipe, some Q-tips and makeup remover to clean the eye makeup. There is a little tugging involved to remove the stubborn eyeliners.....I then follow up washing my face with a neutrogena cleanser. Now this thing smells YUCK!! I hate it...i won't be buying this ever again. The remover is a decent one, though not the best.
I like MAC wipes the best...but seriously, i cannot afford it everyday. I usually carry wipes when i am on go...or when carrying my cleaner stash becomes bit difficult...i wish MAC wipes were a bit cheaper or i could afford it more frequently....:)
Have heard good things about Lancome Bi-Facil makeup remover. Will give it a try once i finish using this current one.

As of now i am liking it for most part....:)

The Strange World of Jack Kirby's Dreams

 Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 01 cover

Meet Richard Temple...Dream Investigator!

Meet Richard Temple, Dream Investigator in The Strange World of Your Dreams by Jack Kirby

He's here to help out guys like Walter Stewart;
A desperate man -- who gambled a human life
on a pleading voice in his sleep --

There was a shadow and it hid her face from view Strange World of Your Dreams panel detail Comic Book drawings by Jack Kirby

Strange World of Your Dreams panel detail Prize Comic Book drawn by Jack Kirby

A tormented man, who said,
"I Talked With My Dead Wife!"

Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 03

Click on any page to open up a
BIG high-resolution comic book scan!

Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 04 Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 05 

Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 06 Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 07

Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 08 Strange World of Your Dreams 01 Prize Comic Book scan by Jack Kirby 09

All of the above pages are from
"The Secret World of Your Dreams"
Volume 1 Number 1 -- August 1952
Produced by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
for Prize Comics/Headline Publications


I've got four full issues of these creepy Kirby tales.
Let me know if you'd like to see more!