Swatches of various eyeshadow from the night series

I have always been lemming over NARS single eyeshadow. Especially the NIGHT SERIES. Its kinda become a bad habit…I go to sephora, swatch the night series eyeshadows and then come back home….empty handed!!! Then I start doing my little ‘research’ on internet, blogs…read reviews on makeup alley…blah..blah..blah…
I always found contrasting reviews for the night series eye shadow. Some love it to death, some hate it from the bottom of their heart.kFor some it their best investment and some call it “waste of money”.
Now, knowing the NARS steep prices, its kinda difficult to just buy them for the sake of trying…I mean what if I don’t like it?? Though Sephora has great return policies, but personally I don’t like returning makeup…or rather I feel I should have reason strong enough to return a product…like allergy or something…but not just because I don’t like the color…anywho, back to night series…
The one line that always confuses me and stops me from buying these night series babies are “they all look black”…now I always wonder what am I going to do with soo many “black” eyeshadows??

Currently there are 11 eyeshadows in Night series.

Night Breed - Black with Silver glitter
Night Porter - Black with Green pearls
Night Clubbing - Black with gold pearls
Night Flight - Black with cobalt blue pearls
Night Fever - Black with reddish purple pearls
Night Snowy - White with super chunky white glitter
Night Fairy - Violet with gold pearls
Night Star - Peach with gold pearls
Night Rider - lilac/plum with silver pearls
Night Sun - Bright marigold with gold particles
Night Life - Silver with silver particles

Recently I stumbled upon this blog and it had some nice swatches and good description as how to use these eye shadows to get maximum true colour as in the pot.

Hope you find these helpful…and if you have tried any of these eye shadows please let me know
your opinions/suggestions in comments. Special thanks to cosmetic candy for the swatches.

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