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Eye serum (this works!!!)

Just passing through ORIGINS...thought would pick some stuff...

i had recieved a sample size under eye serum from Dr. Weil Plantidote series. I had liked the product a lot, but didn't buy a full size because i wanted to finish the under eye product i was using earlier..yeah, its bad to waste products, by just tossing them off...i kinda tend to use them up...if i get allergy or something like that then its a different story..i have no option but to yeah, throw them or give them away if anyone wants...okk, m getting side tracked...

So, i picked this eye serum in full size and a hair care product aswell.
This hair care thing has such a lovely smell!!!! Though its a little sticky in texture or should i say little thick in texture...but a dime size amount is good enough to style/tame my hair.
A little goes a long way...soo small amount is needed!!!

I always suggest to go and try sample size products like under eye creams and gel and see what works. The eye creams samples are usually enough to last for 10 days and i think its enough time to notice a little difference....and judge if its worth spending the moolah!!!!

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