Haulage is Knowledge...CCO!!!!


Blush in True Romantic

True Romantic

Lollipop loving Lipstick

PIGMENTS: Gold Mode, Gold Stroke, Circa Plum

Love CCO...Love MAC...Love Hauling!!!!
Its funny, how makeup and shopping addiction can be...i mean, its freakin cold here...almost arctic temperatures at the place i live...
The newspapers say "dangerously cold, cold enough to freeze human flesh"...and i had already started feeling "something missing" because of not being able to go to CCO....So today as the temperatures were decent...i took the opportunity n rushed to my local CCO...

Unfortunately, nothing much caught my interest...though i still managed to pick a few stuff...

Beauty powder blush in True romantic
Heatherette Lipstick in lollipop loving (super pretty!!)
Pigments in Gold stroke, Gold mode and Circa plum (my new found LOVE- PIGMENT)

OMG...these are freakin amazing!!!!

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