Action Storyboards! Super Dynamic Storytelling on Spider-Man by Sahin Ersoz

I recently found the online portfolio site of animation storyboard artist Sahin Ersoz. His samples from THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN animated show are some of the best action storyboards I have ever seen.

spider-man shoots his web toward camera animation storyboard

These drawings are so full of action, depth and dynamic posing, they're a real inspiration!

vulture and helicopter chase spider-man thru the manhattan skyscrapers

I love how loose the drawings are, while still having such strong construction and weight.

gunman antics with rifle swinging at spider man animation storyboard drawing

The best part about his website is that you can watch the storyboards in a little movie player. When there in sequence, they look like they're practically animated already!

cartoon storyboard big bad guy throws box at spider-man

These boards pass the toughest test, which is that you can watch and read the whole story without any words, dialog or scene description notes. Fantastic stuff!

There's also storyboard sequences from Hellboy, Lilo and Stitch, and even more playful preschool cartoons like Clifford The Big Red Dog. I highly recommend checking out his site at:

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