Removing the makeup

Neutrogena Oil-free eye makeup

Its very very very important to remove makeup before retiring to bed. I can't stress much the importance of this ritual. Makeup products have tons of chemicals in them and its very necessary to remove every trace of it, before applying new coats.
At times i get lazy at night to remove my makeup, especially eye makeup. Eyeliners, macaras, eyeshadow...wooops!!! it can't get worst...

I use Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. At times i also use Johnson's baby oil. The Neutrogena thing is oil free, but then if kept still something separates....i mean like water and oil...i have to shake it gently before using. Now if this is not oil, i mean if its oil free then why is it immiscible?? what is that "thing"....anywho, i use a Kandoo wipe, some Q-tips and makeup remover to clean the eye makeup. There is a little tugging involved to remove the stubborn eyeliners.....I then follow up washing my face with a neutrogena cleanser. Now this thing smells YUCK!! I hate it...i won't be buying this ever again. The remover is a decent one, though not the best.
I like MAC wipes the best...but seriously, i cannot afford it everyday. I usually carry wipes when i am on go...or when carrying my cleaner stash becomes bit difficult...i wish MAC wipes were a bit cheaper or i could afford it more frequently....:)
Have heard good things about Lancome Bi-Facil makeup remover. Will give it a try once i finish using this current one.

As of now i am liking it for most part....:)

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