How to Draw and Understand Folds and Clothing by Storyboard Artist Kelly Brine

How to Draw folds and clothes by Kelly Brine
Storyboard Artist Kelly Brine has created a really in-depth guide to understanding and drawing folds and clothing. According to the introduction,

"I'm a storyboard artist. When I couldn't find a good book on drawing folds, I decided to analyze folds myself, and I'm sharing what I've learned. Well drawn folds in clothing can help make a drawing look dynamic and alive. But usually folds just seem lumpy and unconvincing--especially when drawing from your imagination.

The reason clothing is usually badly drawn is that you can't draw folds unless you understand them.

In this document I’ll explain why folds look and behave the way they do.
The information in this document will help you get started learning how to create convincing-looking folds from your imagination, so you’re not limited to drawing only what you see in front of you. "
Kelly's guide is unlike anything else I've seen on the subject of folds. After 20 pages of demonstrating how folds are formed, Kelly includes a chapter on how to draw folds in people's hands and skin. The last six pages deal with the way clothing is tailored to deal with the range of human motion. VERY interesting stuff!

Detail from How to Draw folds and clothes by Kelly Brine

The tone of the writing is very conversational and the drawings are lively and clear. The best part is that you can read it online for FREE!

Understanding and Drawing Folds is available to read on Scribd at:

or you can read it through the embedded reader just below...


I haven't figured out how to download this document, but I was able to PRINT it out beautifully by clicking on the "print" command in the Scribd toolbar. See example below...

how to print Scribd document

Kelly Brine has also shared some of his storyboards on this same website. Kelly has done tons of live-action storyboards for TV and movies and commercials, including Tommy Boy, Harriet the Spy, Bride of Chucky and Hollywoodland. Here's an example:
Storyboard Art by Kelly Brine
Go check 'em out at:
P.S. -- Since we're on the topic of how to draw clothing and folds, here are a couple links from Mark Kennedy's Seven Camels blog to some fantastically helpful scans from the Famous Artists Course chapter on how to draw folds and clothing:

how to draw clothes and folds

UPDATE #1: Walt Stanchfield PDF on "A Simple Approach to Drapery"

UPDATE #2: Here's a great video on the science of folds and drapery by Mark Chong from his Ten-Minute Drawing Techniques video blog:

UPDATE#3 Famous Artists CARTOONING Course Lesson on How To Draw Clothing and Folds
How to Draw Folds Clothing Clothes Famous Artists Cartoon Course
18 pages of high-resolution scans from the long-lost Famous Artists Cartoon Course courtesy of CartoonCrazys

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