Yardbirds by Dan DeCarlo

The Yardbirds -- Early 1950’s Dan DeCarlo
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Chanel Summer Makeup Collection 2010

Chanel Summer Makeup Collection 2010

Does anything impress you?? Impress you enough to pay Chanel Prices??
The colors look wearable, dupable, etc etc.... Its not really 'summery', but very much close to something I would wear... I am hell bent on getting something from Chanel for sure....:)

Students: Disney is looking for Story Artists for Summer Associate Program

Walt Disney Animation Studios Mickey Mouse
Here's an amazing opportunity I wish I had when I was starting out as a storyboard artist: Walt Disney Animation Studios has a summer internship/training program for Story Artists, and they're taking applications for this summer. According to the announcement, Disney's Summer Associate Story Artist program is a …
"ten-week Art & Production Associate Program has been created for students who will be returning to school in the fall. Under the guidance of a Disney Mentor, Associates will be immersed in our world of art, storytelling and moviemaking. The Associate Program brings a group of students together to form a multi-disciplinary team. The Summer Associates work closely together in a once-in-a-lifetime-before-graduation experience in the art of animation.
"We are seeking Story Artists for the 2010 Summer Associate session at our Burbank, CA studio. The session will begin in June. Story Artists have the ability to visualize a film script in a series of panels somewhat like a comic strip. They are able to convey the essence of story line, scene structure, character emotion and create action and humor in alignment with the overall direction of the film. Ability to quick sketch, a mastery of human and animal anatomy, a filmic sense and a design-caricature ability are all necessary requirements.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, however the deadline for applications is April 20th. For international students, the deadline to apply is February 28th"
You can apply via the web at https://careers.disneyanimation.com/job_groups/job_description?id=46 Now get on it!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip pencil (swatches)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip pencil swatches in Wallpaper, Paranoid,
Wicked, Heavy, Ozone, Naked
What it is:
This Lip Pencil glides on smoothly, stays creamy, and keeps lipstick, gloss, and stains from feathering out of bounds.
What it does:
Just like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, their Lip Pencils are guaranteed to last. They also contain jojoba oil, vitamin E, and cottonseed oil to nourish the skin and provide a smooth application. Go ahead and have another sip of your cocktail—the formula is waterproof, but never feels dry or cakey. It's the perfect complement to Urban Decay lipsticks, stains, and glosses.
Size: 0.04 oz
These are available in 8 shades:
Ozone: Clear
Paranoid: Deep Pinky Nude
Wallpaper: Medium Nude
Wicked: Shimmering Light Pink
Naked: Neutral Pink
Gash: Brick Red (not swatched)
Envious: Medium Berry (not swatched)
Heavy: Shimmering Nude
Envious and Gash were missing from my counter, so I couldn't swatch these. The NUDES in this line are soo pretty. I am so in love with Naked, Paranoid. The swatches just don't do justice.
Note: Lightings and camera and those photography technical things change the pictures a lot. The swatches should be used just a guideline, like just a hint as to how the color vaguely looks...does this makes sense????


Lip Liners are very much needed to get that 'perfect' lip. Almost all the brands have a huge range of lipliners. Personally, when it comes to Lip Liners, I am pretty stingy to spend on high end brand. I find drugstore brand lip liners work equally well, if not better.

JORDANA Lipliners

Jordana is a drug store brand, sold at Walgreens. I don't have any idea if they carry this line anymore there. I have had these for a while.

JORDANA Lipliner swatches

The texture of these liners are smooth and they last a decent amount of time. Infact they last till my lipsticks last, so thats enough for me. These don't stain the lips, so even if the lipstick fades, there is not distinct 'ring' of color around the mouth/lip area.


The Jordana pencils (the one that needs sharpening) were on sale for like 50 cents...That cheap and best, rolled in one!!

Lipliner swatches

Rimmel liner is smooth too. I personally like liners that don't need sharpening. I am more inclined towards the liners that are self sharpening or twist up pencils.

MAC Lip Liners

I had got these from CCO I believe. They were discounted, so it didn't hurt buying a high end liner. I find these are soft and creamy. No tugging and pulling required. Honestly, I didn't find any 'texture' difference between these cremestick liners by MAC and my affordable Jordana ones.

MAC Lip Liner swatch in Gingerroot and Sublime Culture

I don't have a huge collection of lip liners and if you notice, deep color like red, burgundy and magenta are missing!! I don't often wear very deep, dark colors and whenever I need to wear these colors, I use a white/transparent lip liner from Revlon. It prevents my lipstick from bleeding and being transparent, the color issue is solved. The transparent liner can be used as a lip base on its own, like lip primer and trust me, it works.
NYX, Wet and Wild are truly 'cheap and affordable' brands that make good lip liners. Apart from that Rimmel has some cool ones. I don't think I would be spending money on any of these NARS, Illamasqua and other high end lipliners. If they ever come in a part of kit, which I doubt, I would sure love to try them...you all know how much I love value packs/gift sets and deals...lol!!!!

Recently I got a chance to swatch some Urban Decay 24/7 lip liners at store and that I would call different. They were amazingly pigmented and soft. I could use them as lipsticks too. The colors were nice and I was impressed because they were beautiful enough to be worn as lipsticks alone.
Will put those swatches in post to follow. This post has either ways become long, boring and 'picture heavy'.
Would you mind sharing your favorite brands and colors of lip liners in the comment section?

Tex Avery - MGM Years 1942-55 - 41 Pages of killer Golden-Age Cartoon Model Sheets at ComiCrazys!

screwy squirrel tex-avery_model_sheets
Chris Lopez at ComiCrazys has given us all an amazing gift! FORTY-ONE sheets of classic MGM / Tex Avery model sheets! And they’re pretty hi-res, too! Go take a look at http://comicrazys.com/2010/02/20/model-sheets-tex-avery-the-mgm-years-1942-1955-various/


Hello beauty lovers…

The coffee is gewd!!!! I would love to start my day with something healthy…but Coffee is my HOLY GRAIL DRINK…lol!!
Hope you all are doing fantastic….where ever you are…

Past week passed by quietly….no drama, no tension. Just plain simple!!
I am almost ready to post my review for the KORRES skincare kit that I had hauled sometime back in January. Also I am through with my whole bottle of MD skin lotion which was sent to me obviously for free…so that’s another one review that is to be expected this week soon.
Apart from the skincare stuff, I have started using new Eye creams. One is the Korres Evening Primerose Eye cream and other one is Philosophy Eye Hope. Lets see how these work.
As far as Make-up is concerned I am enjoying the Benefit goodies that I got in some super deals. I must say some of them are REAL LOVELY Products…

What else?? Oh, the March Issue of Vogue Magazine is Massive!! It has 528 pages, with some cool pictures. Will post a few soon.

So enough for now…I will be seeing you around…the whole week
Have a great wonderful and healthy week ahead…


STILA Long Wear Lip Color - Swatches

Swatches of Stila Long Wear Lip Color
Adorable, Outrageous, Intriguing, Exhilarating, Daring, Phenomenal, Serenade,
Paramour, In the Nude, Flushed
A long wearing lipstick and lip gloss all in one.
The secret is a blend of patent-pending polymers that provide long-lasting
wear with rich pigment that glides on like your favorite lip gloss. The tip of
the pen is contoured to provide easy, precise application - hugging every curve
of you lip.
A breakthrough that boasts extended wear time while keeping lips feeling
soft and smooth - never dry!
The new colors are:
Adorable (pale peach)
Daring (burgundy wine)
Exhilarating (matte bright fuchsia)
Intriguing (matte magenta)
In the Nude (light beige)
Lover (deep red) (not swatched)
Outrageous (matte deep orange)
Phenomenal (reddish brown)
Old colors:
Serenade (deep rose shimmer)
Paramour (deep plum red)
Flushed (deep rose sheen)
I have always been a fan of these lipsticks. earlier when I picked Exquisite and Rendezvous they were for $18..now they are $20, which sucks!!
Usually Stila comes with many value kits and in 2009 they had this Flushed shade of lipstick in full size along with 6 to 7 other goodies for $38 only!! I had picked that one during the Sephora Friends and Family sale for even less.
Beautycrunch.com sells Stila for discounted price and if anyone still interested in the kit can try finding it on that website. Flushed is a beautiful pink color and I know many of you LOVE LOVE pink lips...:)

What are SORDID comic books doing to our children? 1954 News Article on Dr. Frederic Wertham

Dr Frederic Wertham on comic books children

April 24, 1954 – From the Milwaukee Journal:
What are SORDID comic books doing to our children?

“The Senate judiciary subcommittee on juvenile delinquency is currently holding hearings in New York on the effect of comic books upon child behavior. Among those who have testified before the subcommittee is Dr. Frederic Wertham, senior psychiatrist of hospitals and author of a new book, “The Seduction of the Innocent” published this week by Rinehart.”

Click on the newspaper clipping image to read “a chat with Dr. Wertham” from the very week his infamous book was released. Google is scanning tons of old newspapers, so you can read it right from the pages of the old newspaper scans. Fun to search thru the archives too!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat -- Review

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
This DOES DRY SUPER FAST....Everything else comes later!!
Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest
top coat. Its patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base
coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable
finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant
to chipping and peeling.
The applicator is little skinnier than my OPI Top Coat. The consistency is a little on thicker side, but its not at all goopy. The smell is STRONG, but not foul or annoying. The smell does fades away after 15 minutes or so. Total time required for it to dry over a China Glaze nail polish that I applied 2 coats was approximately around 5 minutes. I didn't even have to use my OPI Drip Dry. On bare nails, it dried within 1 minute...I am not exaggerating!!!!
The nails looked shiny and Glossy. The nail polish wore of after 3 days, but there was no chipping.
For me my OPI Top Coat also lasted for similar amount of time. The only difference was
this dried waaaaay faster than the OPI one.
I purchased mine at ULTA, but its also available at Sally Beauty Supply.






NARS Lipstick swatches: Gipsy, Beautiful Liar, Flair, Flamenco, Christina, Manhunt

NARS SHEER FINISH lipsticks in:

Gipsy (sheer warm berry)
Flair (sheer burnished berry)
Beautiful Liar (spiced coral)
Flamenco Flamenco (sheer strawberry)
Manhunt (sheer poppy red)

NARS SATIN FINISH lipstick in:

Christina (frosted golden raspberry)

NARS Lipstick swatches: Gipsy, Beautiful Liar, Flair, Flamenco, Christina, Manhunt
(in different lighting, with Flash)

Note: please read the lipstick name labeled Liar as Beautiful Liar on the pictures.

NARS at TJMaxxxxxx................

At TJMaxx, I found this NARS eyeshadow palette, which was released during the Holidays 2009 for just 30 bucks! I had 'tweeted' about it, which I usually don't do...


The shades in the palettes are:

Kilimanjaro I (opalescent gold)
Bohemian Gold II (iridescent copper)
Surbaya II (chestnut)
Himalayas (iridescent pink)
Ondine (plum with gold shimmer)
Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearls)

NARS Eyeshadow swatches

Swatches of Kilimanjaro I, Surabaya II, Bohemian Gold II

These are all permanent colors, so I thought swatches and comparisons might be helpful for anybody who wishes to buy and try any of these colors.

NARS has the famous Night Series shadows and this palette has Night Flight shade which is such an amazing color. In swatches it just looks black..but trust me it looks awesome when worn as liner.
Himalayas is a magic color. It looks shinnery white in pan, but on application it turns into lovely pink shade. Ondine is another one of my favorites. Its a plummy color, which usually would make me look bruised, but the gold shimmers in it, just takes the color to a different level.

Swatches of Himalayas, Ondine, Night Flight
The pigmentation of the shadows is amazing and they are soft and blendable. The colors can be worn together, which is good because some of the NARS eyeshadow duos have two beautiful colors, but cannot be worn together as a team. I personally liked the palette mirror. Super cute and big!
The best thing about the colors is that I don't have dupes, which is bonus!!

I really didn't needed any of this, but at $30.....nah, I am not going to pass anything like this anyday....

This palette was tucked in the "kids clothing section"...Usually TJMaxx is not a great place for buying make-up, as people usually open the packs and just ruin the whole thing. In the past, I had seen some NARS boxes at my local TJ, but as expected they were broken, ruined and some even empty!!! People just mess with make-up!!!

Anyways, just keep your eyes open next time you are at TJ or Marshalls...you never know!!!!

Confessions of a Concealoholic!!

Embrace your inner concealaholic! Why fight it when you can hide it,
conceal it, camouflage it and cover it? This concealing and brightening kit has
EVERYTHING you need to live happily ever after!

kit contains:
"that gal" 7.5mL / 0.25 US fl. oz.
erase paste 3.2g Net wt. 0.11 oz.
boi-ing 2 x 1.3g Net wt. 2 x 0.04 oz.
lemon aid 0.9g Net wt. 0.03 oz.
eye bright 0.9g Net wt. 0.03 oz.

I like the name of this kit...pretty cool...
Anybody tried any of these Benefit Products??? Share in your experiences please....


We had a surprise visitor on Friday evening, a cousin of mine who was visiting Phili for the first time. She wanted to "shop" which on the first place took me to the mall and into the stores. That was good because even though I didn't planned on buying any of these goodies, the 'deals' were tempting enough to pass...
I love this brand and have tried many of their products. (HR people of Benefit...you can send me new goodies to try...lol!!)
Over to the goodies....


I was super surprised to see these packs available, because the moment I got mail notification from Sephora regarding these products, I saw the site and they were sold out, which was a bummer as I wanted to try both Hoola Bronzer and Highbeam. I already have Moonbeam which is nice, but I think Highbeam is more suitable as it imparts just the glow and not any color.

Products in the Legally Bronze kit

This set contains:-
0.4 oz Hoola
0.45 oz High Beam
0.08 oz Gilded
0.19 oz BADgal Brown

Yet to try any of these product. I will review them one by one. The kit was for $35, which is a steal as the bronzer alone costs $28 and the Moonbeam is $24. The kit also contains a Badgal Mascara in Brown and a pencil in gold color called Glided, which is to be worn as brow highlighter or something. I have to figure out exactly what to do with it.

All are full size products....Isn't that awesome???

The next set was this $10 set minis "Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers". They have 4 mini products that are totally new things for me to try. They are not new in the line, just new to me.

This set contains:-
0.08 oz Posietint: A poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain
0.06 oz Some Kind-A Gorgeous: The foundation faker
0.25 oz That Gal: A brightening face primer
0.09 oz High Beam: A luminescent complexion enhancer

Mini Products for $10

I will review every product in detail gradually when I start using these. I just wanted to post this because if you are interested you can still call your local Sephora and ask them if they have any in stock. These are super deals and great way to try good quality product at a decent price tag.

Happy Hunting!!!!

NEW MAC & ME....

I got a chance to see many new MAC collections on Saturday. The mall was so very crowded...just like the Holiday season...especially because of all the snow storm we faced the whole week and Sunday being the Valentine's day. There were so many collections, that my MAC had to spread the new displays in almost every counter.
I got the things as in picture below. The eyeshadow and Lipstick were B2M courtesy and the rest two were my purchases.


The spring forecast is a lovely and huge collection and the single eyeshadows were very very pretty, especially the shades in Very Violet and La La. In the past I had purchased deep, bold colors, but didn't use them much, so I just had to pass.

MAC Eyeshadow in Straw Harvest

I did B2M for this shade in Straw Harvest. Its a beautiful peachy-gold color in Veluxe pearl finish, but it is so so so close to the color Evening Aura which was limited edition and released last year with the Neo-Sci-Fi collection. There is just a hint of more orange in Evening Aura, but thats just negligible. I am regreting getting this one, as I have similar color and I cannot even return it as its B2M...I will hold it for blog sale...(I am thinking of having one)

MAC Eyeshadows in Evening Aura, Rule and Straw Harvest

Swatches of Straw Harvest and Evening Aura
The lipsticks were pretty too. The lipstick in Bubble gum was very lovely, but I didn't like the finish. Victorian and Fresh Salmon were eye catching, but such kind of corally colors don;t work well on my skin tone.

MAC Lipstick in Laugh A Lot
I B2M for this lipstick in Laugh A Lot, which is just a plummy pink, lustre lipstick. Its not unique, but I know I would wear it often. So its ok.

MAC Laugh A Lot Lipstick

Even though it is a lustre finish, it is not super sheer. It does imparts some nice plummy pink color on the lips.

Swatch of MAC Laugh A Lot Lipstick

The lipglasses were nice too, but I didn't feel like I needed any of those "badly"
Oh, the Viva Glam lipsticks. They reminded me of Pink Fish and Popster TLC in tube. the colors were gorgeous. I would pick the Cyndi one, as the Gaga one was too pink for my liking.

Next product is this blush from MAC Lilyland collection or whatever it was called. My first impression with these blushes were not so great. I found them to be sticky at stores, though I had mentioned that they may be so because they were kept open in display.

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Optimistic Orange

All thanks to Xinarox, when I saw this blush on her, I knew I needed this one in my life. No matter how sticky or thick it was. I knew this would hit my CCO as it is not sold out and was not on display at my counter, which is kinda indication that it will hit CCO (my logic).
I couldn't wait. I just picked it.

Swatch of blush in Optimistic Orange

I was wrong with my first impression. The blush is pretty smooth and creamy. Its easy to blend and waaay better than the MAC Cream blushes. This formula should be made permanent and this color is a keeper...Its scary in Pan, but when blended its AMAZING!!!

Swatches of MAC shadestick in Relaxed

Ok, this shadestick in Relaxed was just an impulse buy. The Makeup artist was using it on somebody as a base and I just wanted it. I had picked 2 NYX jumbo Pencils the same evening and I knew relaxed was similar too French Fries, but I just wanted it. Such a waste....
Its a beautiful color, soft and creamy...but not needed as its dupable.
Ok, the quads. They were sooo nice. I wanted the one which had browns and amber colors, but I controlled myself, but I will buy when it hits the CCO.
The blushes were nice, but I am happy with all the NARS and Illamasqua and Benefit I have...so thats pretty cool.
So this was me and MAC for the current month...Tons of other things to share and ramble...see ya in the next post....