BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer

This is one of those products that I used as sample and fell absolutely in love it! I got in full size!!

A silky pink primer that makes skin appear smoother and brighter. Prime
your skin to pretty - go from dull to darling with "That Gal"! Wear alone for
clear complexion radiance or apply before makeup for a smooth, effortless
application. Plus you can use it to re-brighten throughout the day.

BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer

Benefit That Gal is a ‘brightening face primer’ . Its not the first time I am using/trying a new ‘brightening primer’. I am very much attracted to primers and tinted moisturizers as I don’t use foundation as a part of my ‘daily routine’. Foundations are restricted to evening parties and some special days. I just feel foundations are too heavy on my skin and I feel ‘too made up’ with foundation on…but that’s me…Personal preferance...

Ok, so back to primers…This is not a new product at all and its been in their line since ages……I believe??
Usually when we talk about brightening product, I have seen that majority of them end up leaving that white cast and an uneven, patchy, blotchy finish on my NC40 skin tone. I call myself NC40, but other day at MAC the artist said I was NC37 and NW30 for concealer. So confusing!!!
I always tend to sidetrack to some other topic…back to primer again..

BENEFIT - 'That gal' Face Primer (mini)

That gal primer is a pinkish, light weight cream with a lovely smell. Its smells like something which I loved when I was a kid, but I don’t remember what it was’. All I can say is that it has a pleasant smell and I like it. Its not over powering or annoying at all.

The Glue Stick Packaging

This spreads easily and does not has that slippery silicone feel. It just feels like applying a moisturizer. It does not even feels like Urban Decay brightening primer, which is sticky initially and sets to a matte finish later. It is not like that cream to powder stuff aswell. Its pretty much like a moisturizer. Didn't make my face oily at all.
It did reduce the appearance of tiny pores I had and made my face even, bright and fresh. I guess it was due to the pink color, the appearance was pretty even. This obviously didn’t last long, but it did a good job of providing a non slippery, even base for tinted moisturizer. This does not provides any coverage, just creates a base.
Like any other primer, it did made my foundation stay put, nothing spectacular or special.

Pink color product

The packaging is weird. Its like glue stick. There is no way I can tell how much product is left in the tube.
It’s a $28 product and I think it’s a bit pricey. These days, with NARS Illuminator in market, many would prefer to use that, to get more glowy, bright effect. I don’t think it’s a logical comparison as both these products are totally different, but many would prefer that at $28, they should really see some difference...

The finish on spreading

I personally liked the product, because I am more into primers and moisturizers. I don’t mind if my scars or moles are seen. I just need that natural nice skin kind of look…if that makes any sense….
This may not be the best primer for keeping that foundation long lasting, but it does makes face appear ‘fresh’.

You can try this product in a sample size, from that $10 kit by Benefit and see if it works…for you. Like any other product this too is subjective. It worked for me, so I am all positive about it. I don’t promise it will work for you as it did for me...or might work too….Try and share your experience…

DISCLAIMER: This product is been purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company and no one is paying me to review it.

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