[Syangrila] Akatsuki no Goei (JAP)

well... a little hayate no gotoku + hidan no aria ...
this VN story is actually not as great as the art... so? MEH...


Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, SciFi
Gameplay: ADV
Publisher: Syangrila
Language: Japanese
English Translation: TBA (to be Anon-sed)


Akatsuki no Goei is an eroge visual novel published by Syangrila on march-april 2008. This game is a visual novel focused on a story about a bodyguard protagonist. It has a school setting like most VN and features a rich heroine, a maid one, shy ones, and twins... and they are all virgins ^^. It is on a ADV mode meaning the text is usually located below with a special stylized box.

The story takes place in a little bit future. The police has no control and a lot of crimes happen here and there. To deal with this problem, the government establishes a bodyguard training school. Kaito, the main character, enters it and becomes a bodyguard through hard training. On the last day of school, other students look happy, but he doesn't. "I'll hire you as my bodyguard. Good luck," she just says arrogantly. "What...?" Her atmosphere really makes him think.... He just wants to protect her....

more will come later
oh well, I just got back so it's tiring to Screenshoot it


Download Link

only MediaFire avaible
as long as no budget here... there will be no other link

http://i.imgur.com/DAkUc.gif Folder http://i.imgur.com/DAkUc.gif


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find the Sequel here: http://craneanime.blogspot.com/2011/07/sequelaktsukinogoei.html


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