PIGMENT PASSION is a series that will feature MAC Pigments, their texture, the
ways I use them and all the fun stuff. One pigment will be posted every
Friday and I will try to share whatever pigment colors I own.

Vanilla Pigment (with bright flash)

This is one of the most loved pigment by 'Pigment Lovers'. They say, its a 'must-have'. Lets see how....

The color of the pigmnet though appears white, it technically not white. It has Gold shimmers in it and that Gold is not a Yellow Gold, its a Peachy Gold. This shimmers are finely milled and that makes this pigment very easy to work with.

Vanilla Pigment (muted flash light)

This pigment is not frosty, which makes it more wearable and would work for many people with different skin tones and age groups. Its always flattering to wear something that has a glowy sheen, rather than frosty shimmer.

Swatch of Vanilla Pigment

The swatch above shows a lovely goldeny highlight. Its pretty!

Ways I use Vanilla Pigment:

1. Mix in my regular body lotion, to make a shimmery, body lotion. I like it to use this way, especially in spring and summer. When the sunlight hits my hands and legs, I like the sheen that the lotion gives.

2. Mix just the tiniest amount in my face moisturizer and apply it all over the face. It gives the same effect that MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion gives, or for that matter any shimmery lotion would give. It reflects light beautifully. The best thing is I can control the amount of shimmer I need.

3. As a cheek-bone Highlighter. It gives a nice sheen, but is messy and difficult to use. Messy because its loose powder and difficult because I am unable to get equal amount of product in each dab. Also if I need to use a fan brush, there is no room in the cap to 'smoosh' in the product.
This might leave a Whitish cast if over applied, but I don't think anyone will over apply. It gives sheen with very less application, as its pretty concentrated and potent.

4. As inner corner highlight. I like the over all effect it gives, when applied to inner corners.

5. On the brow bone as highlighter. I don't use this often though. This is pretty close to Solar -white eyeshadow and I love to use that just because its easy to use.

Ways this pigment can be used, but I don't use:

1. Mixing with foundation to get a glowy look. I tried and it didn't work for me.

2. On hair, with hair spray. I never tried this.

3. On nails, by mixing with clear nail polish. Never tried with this color.

4. On centre of the lips, to give it a plumping effect, by mixing it with clear nail polish. It works, but I am too lazy to do this procedure.

Its a great multi- tasking product and the color Vanilla is very Versatile. I can understand why it becomes must have for many people. If you are a make-up artist, this is DEFINATELY a 'MUST - HAVE'.
Even though I have a cheek Highlighter and a brow Highlighter and shimmery lotion, I still keep a small sample jar of Vanilla pigment when I travel. It comes handy many times and you can even use fingers if necessary to apply this.

Please let me know if you know any other ways to use this particular pigment. Its wonderful to know how much more you can do with a product!

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