This is my first Eyeliner from Clinique brand and I must say, I am not so impressed. I got mine form the CCO for around 11 bucks. I was kinda expecting something on the lines of a GEL liner and this is a cream liner.

Clinique Brush On Cream Liner with Brush

To begin with, I hate the packaging! No, not the beauty of it…I don’t care for the glamorous packaging of a liner. The product is far down in the deep pot! Its just too messy to pick decent amount of product.

Clinique -- EGYPTIAN Cream Liner

The formula is soft and creamy, but I don’t see it spreading nicely like MAC Fluidline. MAC Fluidline is a GEL liner and Clinique one is a cream liner. I agree these two are different formula, but their packaging in similar kind of pots made me compare them. Its stays put, but is not long lasting as gel liners. It did not smudge on me though. Also the pigmentation is not so great and when I try to layer, it gets dry and crusty and flakey by the end of the day.

The brush

The color Egyptian is a GORGEOUS ONE…Its this deep, dark blackish Olive green Color, with fine gold shimmers. The color is fantastic. Its great for summers or those days where black would be too harsh. Its supposed to be Limited Edition, I am not sure. I honestly don’t follow the make-up line of Clinique as I always associate Clinique with Skincare.

Can you apply a liner with this brush???

This also came with a crappy little tiny brush which is good for nothing…Oh! well, Its good to use as a mini lip brush for applying Lip balms that come in pots/jars!!

Swatch of Clinique Egyptian

Ok, back to the product in general. I don’t like the formula. I would prefer a GEL LINER any day over Cream liners, though this one gets a Thumbs up for the beautiful color. I remember I had a Smashbox Cream Liner palette and if I had to compare the creame liner formulas Clinique one would win for sure.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or Sponsered review. This is my personal experience with the product, based on one color. I have not tried every single color.

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