Beauty Obsessions - May 2010

BEAUTY OBSESSIONS is just a fancier name for monthly favorites
kind of posts. I directly lifted this name from a You Tube Guru DRBrooklyn.
Every month it will feature a list of make-up, clothes, jewelry, fragrance etc
which I used more than the other stuff I have. Things with which I was a
little tooo obsessed the whole month!

The Eyes

1. Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Dark Peach: This is LIFE Savior...Seriously!! I struggled so hard to find a concealer for masking those under eye circles and always ended up getting nasty grey cast. Very later I realised that my concealer shade was not wrong, I needed something to correct the blue/purple shadow under my eye. Bobbi Brown's Corrector is doing the trick....very successfully. A full review will be up on this journal soon.

2. MAC 194 Concealer Brush: This is such a perfect size for my under eye area and the bristles are firm enough to get the right amount of product. Amazing! Everyone says Sigma has brushes that work as good as MAC brushes a.k.a good quality brushes. I have never tried one though.

3. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder in No. 2: This is a fine powder, that I use to set my under eye concealer. It helps my concealer to last longer and stay put. Its not something that is a must have. This product is not a must have, but this procedure is. You can use any fine, transparent powder. This one just works for me, without being too shimmery or white.

Swatches of Benefit Birthday Suit, LM Gold,
MAC Blonde's Gold, Melon Pigment

4. Cream Eyeshadows: By now, all of you know how much I love the Benefit Creaseless cream shadows. The formula works for me and I just change the colors as per the season and mood. Past month I loved using Benefit Birthday Suit, Laura Mercier's Gold metallic cream shadow, both alone aswell as base under the eyeshadows. Laura Mercier did crease a bit, which was not a problem at all in the winter months.

5. MAC Pigments: I didn't like Pigments when I started with make-up. Later, I kinda learnt the art of applying it and now I am hooked. Blonde's Gold is an all time favorite. When I don't know what to apply, I reach for Blonde's Gold. Melon is another 'summer/spring favorite'. I do wear it other times of the year aswell, but for summer months...Its the Bomb! I don't like to apply Melon wet though. I don't like the foiled effect of Melon on myself. I have a little series called 'PIGMENT PASSION' on this blog. You can check that if you like (yes, this is self advertisment)

6. Clinique Cream Liner: I have it in Egypitian. Not the best formula, but a lovely color. Good for times when Black is too harsh and Brown blends with the tan. You can read the detailed review here.

7. Clinique Mascara: I have so many of these as GWP and surprisingly, its a real good one. It does the job of making lashes bigger and thicker pretty well.

The Cheeks and Lips

1. NARS Multiples: Fantastic product from NARS. The color I used a lot is Riviera. I was on this Pink Kick. This color blends in beautifully and lasts all day.

2. NYC Blushable Creme Stick: A drug store dupe for NARS Multiples. They have a good selection of color. It is Pigmented and lasts for long time on me, but I have read many have lasting issues with it. Well, thats not a big deal. You can easily re-apply as it is soft and blends easily with fingers. At $3.50, I should not be complaining!

Swatches of NYC Plaza Pink, NARS Riviera, Stila Flushes, Holly Berry
and MAC Miss Marble Lipglass.

3. Stila Long wear lip color: I don't know why this product does not gets much love. It is a true, long lasting lip color, which moisturizes the lips, is pigmented, not flat matte, has a satiny finish, smells good and has such a cute packaging! I got mine with akit during the Holidays and it came with many products. You can see the products in the kit here and I paid less than the printed price, as it was purchased during Sephora FF sale.

4. MAC Lipglass in Miss Marble and Stila Lipglaze in Holly Berry: Both complimented well with the lipstick I wore and looked good.

Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs Daisy

Fragrance: I wear them always, but these Floraly smells are amazing during the summer and Spring.


Ok, so if you ever read my blog, you know I wanted to build a decent watch collection as I have very few, local watches. I don't have fancy, good looking watches. This FENDI one was a gift from my Hubby for our Anniversary. I wanted a Ceramic watch and would have prefered a full white one, but hubby dear got this instead...I could not complain.

For braclet I wore the Pandora ones, just changing the beads as necessary. I love the endless options that come with Pandora Braclets.

Swarovski Parallele Clear Crystal Pierced Earrings

This is pretty sparkly, especially in light. I guess thats the beauty. I like to wear the pendant casually too, but change the earings to something simple. Combination of both pendant and earing can be too formal.
I find the piece very elegant and classy. They have a Gold one too and I am eyeing that aswell.

Swarovski Parallele Mini Pendant

This was my original Anniversary gift that I asked for. I mean after 8 years in a marriage, getting a surprise gift is pretty!!

My sister-in-law says:


I thought that was Hilarious!!!

P.S: The accessories were definately not a show-off thing. I just wanted to share something which is close to my heart. I am no teenager and have waited long enough to get a designer watch. Excitement is Obvious....

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