TOO FACED eyeshadow insurance policy

TOO FACED eyeshadow insurance policy

TOP ROW: with base
BOTTOM ROW: without base

This one is a lovely palatte to look for. This TOO FACED eyeshadow insurance policy looks pretty amazing...good selection of colours, super pigmented and has a great texture...very soft, buttery. They remind me of MAC's Starflash eyeshadow, which were limited edition. I seriously wish this finish was made permanent by MAC.
Anywho, it come with a TOO FACED shadow insurance, which is an excellent primer for the eyes. Especially for people with dry eyelids. Oily eyelid people can still use them in winters. This complete package retails for $35. Yes, including the shadow insurance, which by itself is $, this means the sleek, compact eyeshadow is just for $18!!! Not at all bad for a high end eyeshadow palatte.
I had just read about these in blogs and websites, but yesterday i got a chance to swatch these personally at Sephora and i thought its worth getting a shoutout in my blog. I am reserving this one for my b'dat purchase list...:)
The swatches are from Pursebuzz. Check them out yourself....:)

Pic courtesy: pursebuzz

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