Nobuo Uematsu Working On 2 New Games

Nobuo Uematsu, known for his work composing Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise, is working on two new games. Previously, it was known Uematsu was at work on Level-5′s Fantasy Life, as well as rehearsing with his personal band, the Earthbound Papas.

Speaking to, Uematsu said he currently had two unannounced projects in the works.

"Right now, I am working on Level-5′s Fantasy Life and I hope to be able to finish my work within a month", Uematsu told the site. "Also, there is one new game, that hasn't been announced yet and there is another secret game. Besides [that], I am trying to have as many rehearsals with my band Earthbound Papas as possible."

Nobuo Uematsu is a freelance Japanese video game music composer. His most recent works include The Last Story for Wii and Lord of Arcana for PSP.

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