Boxing Cartoons by Willard Mullin - The Master of Drawing Dynamic Poses

Check out the Sports cartoons and drawings of Willard Mullin
Thanks to some recent posts on various cartooning blogs
(see links at bottom), I have fallen in love with the work
of master sports cartoonist, Willard Mullin
The collector in me wanted to buy up every out-of-print book that contains Willard Mullin's unbelievably dynamic drawings, but I wised up and whipped out the ol' library card instead!

I managed to find a bunch of beautiful books that I borrowed from the Los Angeles public library (you can do it all online) and subsequently scanned them for sharing with everybody here on the CartoonSNAP blog!
Each of the images below links to a GIANT high-res image
of scans from "It Beats Working," a book illustrated by
the greatest sports cartoonist who ever wielded a pen,
Willard Mullin!
willard Mullin cartoon Boxer eating steak
Click on thumbnails for the BIG picture!
Willard Mulllin drawing of two boxer is biting the other one's ear
All the illustrations on this page are from the chapters about boxing, but later posts will feature Willard Mullin's drawings on Football, Baseball and Horse Racing, too!
Jumping Rope while eating hot dog and drinking beer
Click on images for the high-resolution cartoons
Two men arguing over a guy who was knocked out by a punching bag Cartoon drawing by Willard Mullin
Cartoon drawing of boxer by Willard Mullin
Click on thumbnails for the BIG pictures by Willard Mullin!
Two guys draw a knocked-out boxer from the ring Sports cartoon by Willard Mullin
Look how dynamic his drawings are,
even when it's just two guys standing around!
Boxing Sports cartoon by Willard Mullin
Click on images for the high-resolution drawings

Cartoon by Willard Mullin - Boxers facing off
Boxer is knocked out in his corner
Here are a bunch of links with piles of quality scans of various Willard Mullin classic drawings and sports cartoons!
I have dozens more images to share if you readers are interested, so if you wanna see more, make sure to leave a comment below!
...and these wonderful posts on Will Finn's blog feature scans
from the book, "Clowning Through Baseball":

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