King Aroo Makes a Movie - Sunday Comic Strip Scan from March 30, 1952

"What transpires?"

King Aroo and friends decide to make a movie in this Sunday comic strip scan from March 30, 1952. Written and drawn by Jack Kent.

Click on any panel to view a nice BIG hi-res scan
King_Aroo cartoon king and kangaroo with movie camera
King_Aroo cartoon bird wearing a beret reading from Mother Goose
King_Aroo cartoon characters making a movie near a well
King_Aroo cartoon king recites lines from script as cartoon bird acts as director
King_Aroo cartoon king forgets his dialogue lines
King_Aroo Yuptop gets pulled out of the well

Click on the thumbnail below to see the full color King Aroo Sunday comic strip from March 30th 1952 in high-resolution splendor!

King Aroo Sunday Color Comic Strip drawings by Jack Kent March 30 1952

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