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My pal Chris Duffy (Editor Extraordinaire @ Nickelodeon Magazine) has posted a wonderfully silly comic book adventure featuring Robotman on his "Comic Books are Interesting..." blog.

Spoilers lurk below this paragraph,
so go read
"Robotman Around the World in 24 Hours"
before you spoil it by reading
my dopey comments.

How freaky is that scene on page 3...Doc Payne is basically raping Robotman...yeeesh!

Love these one-liners:

"Not even mountains can stop me!" --that's my new motto

"If I'm lucky, my head will roll free, undamaged! Here goes!"
...and of course, "Tarnation!"

I love the structure, too! Great, exciting opening splash panel followed by a framing sequence that makes you go "Whaa?" I thought the head-in-the-box gag was a fantastic hook...I wonder if David Fincher ever read this comic...?

It all adds up to good old fashioned silly comic book storytelling. I mean, once started, nobody could STOP reading this story no matter how hard they tried!

What? You didn't read it yet? Well click on over and have some fun! 

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