Really Scary Funny Animal Comics - Karrots from All Good Comics 1944

Funny animal comics aren't supposed to be this creepy and scary. I feel like I'm recovering from a concussion or from food poisoning when I read this. It's not just horribly written, but the bad drawings are strangely compelling.

Karrots the cartoon rabbit visits his friend Goopy the Dog  from All Good Comics

Karrots the cartoon bunny rabbit goes hunting with Goopy the dog and sets a trap All-Good-Comics scan

Goopy the cartoon dog chases after a bird with shotgun in hand. Both Goopy and Karrots get caught in their own trap in All-Good-Comics comic book scans

Dig that crazy tangent in the fifth panel of the last page. Ouch.

Smiling Boy reading comic books cover from All Good Comics

In case you thought the whole comic can't be this bad, here's a Prof. Nudnik one-pager from the same comic that'll make you go, "Huh?"

Professor Nudnik one-pager comic book scan

Umm...yes. That's it. End of story. Okay...Check back tomorrow for some really GOOD funny animal comics...I promise!

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