Vintage Cartoon Commercial - Dandy Drawings and a Jaunty Jingle!


Check out this fantastic little cartoon commercial from 1958!
(just click on the player below)

They sure knew how to make cool cartoon commercials back then!

I happened upon this little gem while looking for old Fleischer cartoons...I hope you like it as much as I did ---

The jingle is quite catchy!

What a great idea -- Hey, Mabel!
A great idea -- Black Label!
Nothin's too good for good company...
Carling's Black Label Beer

I had to play the video a whole buncha times to get the screengrabs I posted, but each time I heard the song, it got under my skin a little bit more. I'm sure I'll be whistling the darn tune for hours if not days.
Cute little story, product is nicely and prominently's a winner!

cartoon man and woman happy about their Black Label beer
If anybody knows who made this cartoon, let us know in the comments below ^_^

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