How to Draw Funky-Good Cartoons and Comics

Check out this fantastic little drawing lesson by cartoonist Brian Ralph. There's an awful lot of great ideas and drawing philosophy in this delightfully-drawn cartooning tutorial! Brian Ralph shows you how to draw cartoons and comics that are lively and funky! The nice surprise is that this is a brilliant example of storytelling. Click on the drawing below to see...
How to Draw Cartoons by Brian Ralph(It's a long vertically-scrolling comic strip, so make sure to keep scrolling down when you read it...)

Brian Ralph manages to combine real drawing lessons with some personal rants, and by adding in some autobiographical story elements, he comes up with a comic strip that's so good I wish I had a poster of it on my wall right now. Man, I LOVE it! Great stuff! If you want to read some great cartooning tips, Check it out HERE at

Check out Brian Ralph's website at

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