Wally Wood Sure Knew How to Draw Sci-Fi Comics

Nobody knew how to draw bug-eyed monsters
better than Wally Wood.
These wonderful pages are from the 1950 Ziff-Davis
comic book, Amazing Adventures #1

Wallace Wood draws Buck Rogers style heroes battle Winged aliens

"Winged Death on Venus" was drawn by Wallace Wood during his peak years as a science-fiction comic book artist. But unlike his more famous stories for EC Comics, this tale is much more of an old-fashioned-style space opera, complete with the full assortment of monsters, aliens, beautiful women, rocket ships and ray-guns. The winged men in particular are a love poem to Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon of the late 1930's.

1950's Wally Wood comic book heroes fight creepy green aliens to survive on Venus

Alas, the resolution on the large-sized versions of these pages isn't as good as I would like, but they were the best scans I came across. As usual, CLICK on the images below to see the larger sized pages. Enjoy the Woodwork!

Buck Rogers type spaceman battles BEM monster with ray guns and blasters

1950's comic book space travelers journey to alien worlds in their retro spacecraft

Ugly space aliens take our heroes captive

 1950's Wallace Wood comic book space opera

 1950's Wally Wood comic book scans space heroes

 1950's Wallace Wood comic book heroes fight to survive on Venus

 Flash Gordon type heroes attacked by flying venusian men

 Buck Rogers style heroes battle Winged aliens

 Big Red gem jewel in the eye of a huge stone idol

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