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If you've never seen this cartoon, you're in for a treat! Fleischer Brothers Studios' Talkartoon, "Bimbo's Initiation" is one of the all-time weirdest and funnest and mind-bendingest cartoons ever made. Yes, I realize that "funnest" isn't a word, but I didn't want to interrupt the flow.
The reason I'm posting it here is that I finally found a decent copy of it on the web! Most of the versions I've seen are extremely low-res, but the one you're about to see is pretty clear and has a nice resolution. If you click ON the video while it's playing instead of just hitting the "play" arrow, you will be able to see it on its own page even BIGGER.

I have never found this on a commercial DVD, so if anyone out there knows where there's a better version available, please leave a comment and tell us where we can find it!

This 1931 cartoon features one of the first appearances by Betty Boop...before she starred in her own series for the Fleischer Studios. She was originally designed as a sexy dog character, and she still has dog-ears in this cartoon. Eventually the dog ears were replaced by the earrings she still wears to this day. For more information on this Max and Dave Fleisher cartoon masterpiece, see THIS article on Bimbo's Initiation at The Big Cartoon Database.

There's no point in discussing the "plot." I could summarize it, buy why? It's really beyond description and its creepy animated delights are eternal. I seriously never get tired of watching this cartoon.

Until it's available on DVD, sit back and press, "play." Watch, laugh, repeat.

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