[Download] CraneAnime's 3r0 pack-1

I'm doing this to make sure there's something that you can f4p to... here... at /cr/ channel
and also as an apology for the things ... yes iro iro...
I flag this post as pack-1 (or known as June Pack) ... and more will come later

the first game is this one: HERE NSFW!
at least you can find some tags at VNDB


the 2nd one: actually a little NSFW, but the first one above is safe though
see VNDB for info, even though nothing can be found



softhouse seal game

ah.. in case you don't see this youtube vid...
let me tell you something... that Softhouse-seal is a nukige... (well both of them are) but onee-san (softhouse seal game) is ANIMATED!!!
so it's moving... yeah it's moving guys

this is the softhouse-seal one... typical softhouse seal indeed


and this one is from A-kaguya

Download Link
Folder = both of game... which one which? meh... if you're that stupid then GTFO:pistol:

we can only afford mediafire for now, for other links? meh.. find it somewhere or donate to us, so we can buy a VPS

am I trolling someone?:bloon:
I'm not...
coz years mean hours for me

and also don't ask about language...check VNDB first before asking anything
or you'll be ignored


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